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go out on the tiles

To go to bars, clubs, parties, etc., and have an enjoyable time, often to the point of excess. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. When I was in university, I would go out on the tiles nearly every night. There's nothing I enjoy more than getting together with my friends on a Friday and going out on the tiles!
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a night on the tiles

A night out (often with the suggestion of celebrating and/or partying). Similar to the American phrase "a night on the town." Primarily heard in UK. I am so excited to go out for a night on the tiles after I finish my exams this week.
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out on the tiles

slang Having a night of fun and/or celebration, often by going to bars and parties. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. Our team won the big game, so we're definitely going out on the tiles tonight! I'm still recovering from spending Saturday night out on the tiles!
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be/go out on the tiles

  (British & Australian informal)
to enjoy yourself by going to things like parties or dances 'My head is thumping.' 'Oh yes? Were you out on the tiles last night?' (informal)
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While there are alternatives, tiled floors and walls or splashbacks in bathrooms and kitchens are a smart and practical choice.
WHILE there are alternatives, tiled floors and walls/ splashbacks in bathrooms and kitchens are a smart and practical choice.
They have also increased in popularity over the last decade as a floor covering, perhaps prompted by the UK public's increasing visits abroad to countries such as Spain, where tiled floors are the rule rather than the exception.
TILING OVER OLD TILES If your wall is tiled already, don't worry as you can probably retile over the old tiles providing they are firmly fixed.
There's no need to tile the whole wall, as a partly tiled wall looks great alongside a painted surface and, best of all, re-painting once in a while will brighten up your bathroom with the minimum of effort.
A fully tiled room - like a kitchen or bathroom - will stay fresh for many years and is a great DIY project.
A surface tiled in one solid color can appear monolithic.
5 million renovation, which included a new roof, heating and air system and cabinetry work, Isaacson and school Principal Mary McKeon decided the tiled wall would commemorate the school's 33 years, as well as those who survived the construction.
Mathematically, this tiling problem can be generalized to the statement that if an a b rectangle is tiled with copies of a c d rectangle, then each of c and d divides evenly into one of a and b.
For homeowners who are new to The Tile Shop, each retail location features tiled vignettes; small mock-ups of rooms to give homeowners design ideas to stir the imagination and spark inspiration.
Shared Tiles gives community members the option to share access to any of their Tiled items - like keys, the remote control, or backpack - with one other person.
Fully trained and experienced staff will assist you in planning your room layout, how to prepare the surfaces to be tiled and advise you on the correct tiles and tools to complete the project with the minimum of fuss and disruption.