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Well, in 1861 Blondin came to England, performing at several high profile venues, including at London's Crystal Palace where he would perform somersaults on stilts on a tightrope.
In his history-making tightrope walk Sunday night, Wallenda traversed 1,200 feet of two-inch-thick wire cables at a height of 1,500 feet, without a harness or a net.
The tightrope crossing will take place on June 23 in a remote section of the Grand Canyon operated by the Navajo Nation Parks and Recreation and will air live on Discovery Channel.
It's a joy to be up on the tightrope and show people what I can do.
So far, the key to independence, success and even survival has been for all of them, but especially Kazakhstan, the ability to stay on that swaying, potentially perilous tightrope, neither alienating one side nor the other.
Walking a Tightrope begins with a poem, "Goodbye, Wild Indian," by Lenore Keeship-Tobias, in which she expresses the hope that negative stereotypes of Canada's Indigenous people will soon vanish.
Tightrope teacher Mehmet Tursun feels threatened when newcomer Yasin tempts his pupils away.
While most remember the S/M comedy Secretary as a showcase for rising star Maggie Gyllenhaal, it proved equally auspicious for its director Steven Shainberg and adapter Erin Cressida Wilson, whose assured collaboration kept the movie from teetering off its very tricky tightrope.
This new Sherlock Holmes and the Baker Street Irregulars mystery series from Scholastic opens with Fall Of The Amazing Zalindas, the first in a projected series of casebook detective stories featuring Sherlock Holmes and his young assistants, a band of street urchins who help probe the gruesome deaths of a circus troupe's tightrope walkers.
With considerable agility, she balances on the tightrope between asserting the power of race in society and acknowledging that forces other than race may be at work--although those forces are often obscured in the long shadow of race.
A kind of tightrope walk where the line between inclusion and exclusion can be tenuous.
And it is, of course, no coincidence that Doig chose exactly this scene from a film that, in its pronounced reflection on genre and media, walked an idiosyncratic tightrope between independent and Hollywood film, thus constantly negating the possibility of an "authentic" image.
England World Cup hero Neil Back may find himself walking a disciplinary tightrope when he reports for Lions duty on Tuesday.
Would you expect that a lower or higher center of gravity would lead to better balance for a biker, or even a tightrope walker?
In Parallax, MacKenzie orchestrates a sumptuous, stunning collage of moving images and sound that walks a tightrope between control and chance, order and chaos, permanency and change--reminding us of the fragile, ephemeral nature of film and ultimately, of course, of life itself.