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The injury or any tightness in these structures can be treated well if other associated factors are also adequately addressed and dealt with.
iv) Study the fabric loop length, loop shape, and tightness factor properties by carrying out proper testing.
The hamstring's not pulled, he's obviously got this tightness he's uncomfortable with.
In building development, Ruokakesko pays special attention to the heat insulation features of the building shell and to improving air tightness, which has a major impact on energy efficiency.
We had to take the precaution of taking him from the field because he felt some tightness in the hamstring that kept him out for so long at the end of the season.
Cultural tightness can prevent the emergence of women leaders because tighter cultures may make a society's people more resistant to changing the traditionally-held practice that placed men in leadership roles," Toh said.
King Bio's AsthmaCare promises temporary relief from minor shortness of breath, wheezing and tightness in the chest due to bronchial congestion or allergic reactions.
These intelligent polymer retanning agents deliver even softness, tightness and grain pattern.
So don't half step when checking halfshaft bolts for tightness.
Grain tightness is an important element in quality barrels to be sure.
Countable tightness of X is a natural generalization of the Frechet-Urysohn property: X has countable tightness if for every subset A of X and every x [member of] [bar.
The objective of this study is to use simulation models to quantify the impact of pressure differential and air tightness on HVAC system energy consumption for a containment space.
Continuing tightness in supply versus demand and tightness in spare capacity are the reasons for that assessment," Peacock told Gulf News.
The veteran shortstop, who entered the day as the major-league leader in both hits and runs, was scratched from the starting lineup against the New York Mets because of tightness in his lower back.