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There is a developing understanding that how tightly MHC binds its peptide determines whether you get a T cell response," says team member Lawrence J.
Large computer companies had a natural interest in building and servicing tightly integrated computing systems that ran on custom silicon, employed proprietary operating systems and embraced a longstanding model in which storage and servers were seen as inseparable siblings living under a common architectural framework.
These tightly controlled, safe investment accounts would follow broad economic trends but would not offer the big gains experienced by stock funds in the 1990s, when the private account arguments gained support.
Make sure the pigtail on the back of the generator is plugged in tightly.
CocoBase is also tightly integrated with the WebSphere Application Server providing EJB CMP / BMP data persistence, Session Beans, and Dynamic Transparent Persistence.
With your back straight and abdominal muscles pulled in tightly, use the hamstrin and gluteal muscles to extend the right leg horizontally, parallel to the floor.
The appeals court held that the inmate stated a retaliation claim against two correctional officers alleging that they placed leg shackles too tightly on the inmate and refused to loosen or remove the shackles after he complained.
Tablets should be stored between 36 [degrees] and 86 [degrees] F in a tightly closed container.
The assemblage is held together without knots, merely by the pull of the tightly wound rope.
The whole estate becomes a tightly integrated mesh of open and closed spaces.
Gradually, two types of plans began to evolve: fee-for-service, PPO type plans and tightly controlled pre-paid HMO plans.
Unless the network is very tightly cured and supported by other nearby sulfur-sulfur linkages, crack formation and influx of coolant may occur.
Ratings are based on the high level of liquidity in trading assets, relatively low leverage of the fund, and risk management that tightly controls the risks taken by individual traders.
For one thing, the tiny skeleton is tightly curled in a posture that matches the position assumed by embryos of modern birds just before they break out of their shells, say Zhonge Zhou and Fucheng Zhang of the Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology in Beijing.
The imaging system is tightly integrated with DOT's new accounting system, which uses Oracle Federal Financials and is operated by the Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center (MMAC) in Oklahoma City, OK.