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tightfisted (with money)

 and closefisted (with money)
Fig. very stingy with money. The manager is very closefisted with expenditures. My parents are very tightfisted with money.
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For example, Gurr and Ichikawa say that Heywood "was also a lot more demanding over staging than Shakespeare, whose tightfistedness in his personal finances may also be reflected in the economy of the demands he laid on his company for staging his plays" (45).
The broad outlines of Puig's life are already familiar to most of his fans, but Levine fleshes out the story with fascinating minutiae on his quirks (including his tightfistedness and his obsession with hygiene), as well as revealing information on his artistic and personal struggles.
One reason for the lack of star power may be CNN's tradition of tightfistedness.
Apparently, anecdotes about Selby's tightfistedness with money abound; here's another from Kimbrough: "My father did some local campaigning for Gov.
In view, however, of his odd behavior about the Faculty Research Lecturer's dinner, and his tightfistedness or negligence as a department head, I will here set down some of my recollections of him.
The majority of those surveyed cited economic prospects for their tightfistedness.