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Along with Los Angeles, Manhattan has one of the tightest housing markets in the nation.
After using the product for several weeks, Robertson, commented, "I've worked with a number of call control desktop clients over the years, both in and out of the VoIP world, and Call Assistant offers the tightest telephone integration that I have ever seen, in any product.
In what has turned into the tightest mayoral primary in recent history, the three candidates in a virtual dead heat embarked on a marathon weekend of campaigning throughout the city.
And in Downtown, World Trade/World Financial Center had that market's tightest availability at 2.
This device delivers highly secure PIN entry for consumers using debit cards, Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) and other PIN-based forms of payment while meeting the tightest requirements to safeguard sensitive data.
Right now we've had one of the tightest markets we've ever had.
Metronome's solutions deliver insights about web site visitors and transactions without sending any data outside the firewall, meeting the tightest security and privacy standards without any changes to the existing site.
4 months a year earlier and making this one of the tightest markets ever.
5 percent, it is one of the tightest markets in the State; asking rents above $34 per square-foot for prime space, the highest in New Jersey; and low operating costs, real estate taxes and electrical rates.
Our 2mm edge exclusion capability, coupled with the industry's tightest critical dimension performance, has created a new state of the art in silicon etch.
The region is the tightest market for renters and second most expensive.
Recent growth prompted Fallon McElligott to look beyond the Flatiron District, which is one of the tightest submarkets in New York for space requirements greater than 50,000 square feet," said David J.
We chose NexCor fiber because it has twice the power-handling performance of any other standard single-mode fiber and the tightest dispersion tolerance specification of any single-mode fiber," said Chris Eccles, network architect at Telewest.
The tightest championship race in NASCAR Busch Series history will end today with former Saugus Speedway champion Ron Hornaday Jr.
18 Columbia Turnpike will provide a desirable large block of new Class A space in one of the state's tightest markets.