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Summary: She maneuvers the vehicle from a tight spot on the road
Robert is also in a tight spot of his own making, and as his hearing looms large, he's concerned about spending time in jail.
In the clip, Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) find themselves in a tight spot with gunmen at their tail.
Conveniently, this washcloth features a tight spot pocket for hard to reach areas and a hang loop for easy storage.
Jackie Chan is the most impressive special effect in the film as he leaps, pirouettes, kicks and punches his way out of every tight spot aided by Owen Wilson as hapless train robber Roy O'Bannon.
The Harish Rawat- government, however, found itself in a tight spot after the suicide on September 19.
The Shadow Chancellor said he did not know he had pranged a black Peugeot 306 when he manoeuvred out of a tight spot but did admit bumpers had touched.
So thank heavens for James May (pictured), the floppy-haired petrolhead who has proved to be a good man in a tight spot, as he showed in recent episode of Top Gear when he and his fellow travellers tried to find the Nile in estate cars.
A BRIT OF A TIGHT SPOT I E THER someon ' e's gi give ven Britney B Spears the world n d's ds EITHER someone's given world's worst wedgie or she's returned to her hillbilly best.
The only joy is if you're in a tight spot be with Liverpudlians.
A YOUNG Muntjac deer was found in a tight spot after getting stuck in metal railings.
London, Dec 16 (ANI): Christine Bleakley, who had recently upgraded from an Audi to a Range Rover, found herself in a tight spot as she tried to parallel park her brand new Evoque.
There was a party of six on an open speedboat style vessel, when it got into a tight spot at Rhos Colyn.
I liked how he battled in the Dante and put himself in a tight spot when it came to the crunch.
There may be questions asked of Ireland about letting their opponents fight back from a tight spot, when some disciplined bowling and tight fielding had left the Proteas at 117 for five, but Porterfield said: "We started off pretty well.