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In order to explore tight gas in the lower Indus Basin, the company drilled a well in the Naushehro Feroze exploration lease.
Our existing Tight Buffer cables portfolio has glass yarns for rodent protection and water tightness but unfortunately these glass yarns could cause skin-irritating during installation.
The Jadwa researchers also said: "We view the growth of tight oil and shale gas mainly occurring in the US, not only because of technical reasons (attractive and well understood 'tight' geological formations), but also because of uniquely favorable above ground factors such as efficient and low cost industrial services, infrastructure, legal and financial systems, and an accepting society.
The higher price for tight gas is in accordance with the government's tight gas exploration policy approved in February 2011 and later on renamed as the Petroleum Policy 2012.
For several years, we have been involved in tight gas development particularly in Khulud, which has some of the deepest tight gas reservoirs in the world, said Raoul Restucci, PDO s Managing Director.
The higher price for tight gas is in keeping with the government's tight gas exploration policy that was approved in February 2011 and renamed as the petroleum policy in 2012.
Tight oil is non-conventional oil resources extracted by horizontal drilling and fracking technologies.
The report contains 63 tables, charts and graphs that add visual analysis in order to explain developing trends within the tight oil market.
Global reserves of tight oil could be as high as 300 billion barrels, the oil producer group said in a report, well above current estimates of Saudi Arabia's conventional reserves of around 265 billion barrels.
PopSome's unique brightly coloured lid and the patented Oxiloc system were specifically designed to ensure that the bowl has an air and water tight seal," said a spokesman for the product.
For tight ends who play for the Ducks, it's simply what they do.
2 : fixed or held very firmly in place <a tight jar cover>
The barrel is now tight for firing and it will stay tight.
Almost immediately after hundreds of illegal workers were rounded up, creating an actual tight market, Swift & Company officials increased wages by $1.
Hubkey, a 6-foot-4, 210-pound senior tight end/defensive lineman, leads the team with eight touchdowns and is the Antelope Valley's overall leader, averaging 28.