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tie (with someone) (for something)

to have the same score as someone for the prize in some contest. I tied with Joel for first place. I tied for the trophy with Joel.
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Tie and Seattle loss and Arizona loss and Dallas loss or tie
Russell Plester, deputy head at Finham Park School, Coventry, said: "We went for a clip on tie because we wanted consistency in length and we wanted top buttons done up.
Bright pink tie pounds 55 by Paul Smith @ Harvey Nichols; Beige spotted tie pounds 4 @ Primark; Blue logo tie pounds 85 @ Gucci; Red and white spotted tie pounds 60 by Etro @ Harvey Nichols; Grey skinny tie pounds 9.
Usually on vertical and closed-door balers, you should double strap the outer ties and possibly all the ties to prevent wire breakage as the plastic expands," Pfeffer suggests.
With membership open to anyone with roots or business interests in India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka, TiE now spans nine countries, from its California hub to nearly 42 global chapters.
Sir Andrew, who was wearing a suit and tie himself at the launch of the National School of Government in central London, said this could be particularly relevant in hot weather.
II playoffs, Valencia (7-2-7, 3-0-3) finds itself in a three-way tie for second place with Hart (13-7-1, 4-2-1) and Saugus.
Avoid cleaning, If you spill food on your tie, immediately dab the spot with club soda or water.
Oakland win a first-round bye with a win or tie or losses or ties by Denver and Miami.
The combination of physical properties of the composite railroad tie produced using optimized techniques exceeded the established targets.
BOSTON -- TiE Boston, a nonprofit organization that fosters entrepreneurship in the New England area, today announced the launch of TiE Angels, an angel investment group comprised of charter members of TiE Boston.
com)-- Robert Sires, CEO of Bay State Cable Ties, America's leading manufacturer of nylon cable ties, announces a new all-weather cable tie product: Frosty Ties, which offer superior performance in sub-zero temperatures.
The transit agency further stated, "life cycle costs for concrete ties are lower than timber ties due primarily to higher maintenance costs for timber ties; greenhouse gas emissions associated with the manufacture and life cycle of concrete ties appear to be less than timber tie emissions; concrete ties avoid the use of wood preservatives; concrete ties avoid the disposal issue associated with treated timber ties removed from service.