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(with) tongue in cheek

in a way that is not serious, although it appears to be Karl explained, tongue in cheek, that he was busy with housecleaning.
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tongue in cheek

  also with your tongue in your cheek
if you say something tongue in cheek, what you have said is a joke, although it might seem to be serious 'And we all know what a passionate love life I have!' he said, tongue in cheek.
See bite tongue, find tongue, hold tongue, loosen tongue
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tongue in cheek

and TIC
phr. & comp. abb. a phrase said when the speaker is joking or not being sincere. My comment was made TIC. Don’t take me seriously.
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The TIC must not hold itself out as a partnership or other form of business entity and must not file a partnership or corporate tax return.
The most common first symptom is a facial tic such as rapidly blinking eyes or twitches of the mouth.
Typically, tics increase as a result of tension or stress.
Throughout the 6-week topiramate increase, the family had seen or heard few tics at home.
The appraisal of a high-risk activity as unsatisfying was made by 88% of people with head tics and 67% with teeth grinding, and 48% of all other participants.
The NIMH group recruited 42 boys and 12 girls, whose ages ranged from 6 to 12, who had developed OCD or tic disorders, or had experienced a dramatic worsening of those conditions, during the few weeks or months after a strep infection.
The patient with the tics, an attorney who worked as a litigator, had tried multiple medications.
It may seem like a lot of effort, compared to the experiences of the last 10 years where just about anyone could make money simply by getting into the game, but the risks involved with investments like TICs are far more dangerous than most investors realize.
Forty-five of the 83 had some type of movement disorder, including tics of the face or neck.
A new method of buying and owning commercial real estate is sweeping the country -- tenant-in-common investments, commonly known as TICs.
NEW YORK -- Tourette's syndrome treatment should be targeted to improve comorbidity rather than on the characteristic vocal and motor tics, Dr.
There are two major reasons for this great surge in these types of investments: the first is that the IRS approved TICs as suitable replacement properties for 1031 exchanges in 2002.
soon developed numerous other vocal and body tics, often driven by irrational, irresistible thoughts.