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French tickler

slang A condom designed with additional tactile elements, such as bumps, spirals, ribs, etc., so as to heighten vaginal stimulation during intercourse. Primarily heard in UK, Ireland. Trust me, you should definitely try wearing a French tickler at least once—your partner will love it.
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n. a joke; something very funny. That was a real rib-tickler. I’ll remember that joke.
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For more details on the Hirst Park Trout Ticklers call Hirst Park Middle School on 01670 813111, email them on hirstparktroutticklers@yahoo.
Hirst Park Trout Ticklers was set up six years ago by Bob Smith, a teacher at Hirst Park Middle School.
Scott, whose sister Chelsea Broady, 11, is club champion with the Hirst Park Trout Ticklers, said: "I was over the moon to be told I am going to be captain.
But this arrangement didn't work out and Rib Ticklers turned up in a bowling alley in Camarillo briefly before settling in in the former Shooters sports bar facility on Kanan Road in Agoura Hills.
HTE's integrated justice system tracks each case from filing through final disposition, incorporating complete security for juvenile or sequestered cases and reducing delays by providing ticklers, scheduling, and grouping of cases by attorney or type.
The Navigator system provides easy access to data, retention of critical historical information and ticklers reminding users about upcoming events.
Comments: Rib Ticklers, a regional award-winning recipe, is featured here.
Account4 now categorizes contacts by user-defined types, allows tracking of all client activities and allows creation of Action Items and Ticklers.
Rib Ticklers is an award-winning barbecued ribs recipe that came out of the Northwest and is for the first time available locally at a major restaurant outlet.
The new module generates ticklers for follow-up on expiring quotes, and stores data for use in forecasting the probability of winning proposals.
It is called Rib Ticklers Barbeque Sauce and ladles of it are slathered onto chicken legs and tri-tips at R.
Once the camera rolled, parents and crew used a slew of tricks, from funny sounds to feather ticklers, to get the babies to giggle and smile.
Voted Best of the West recently are the ribs and sauces of a tiny local barbecue eatery, the 3-year-old Rib Ticklers, 11012 Violeta St.
And, oh, if you can answer all of our 25 brain ticklers correctly .