tickle (one's) fancy

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tickle (one's) fancy

To be appealing or pleasant to someone; to be intriguing or of interest to someone. A: "Do you want to go to a movie later on?" B: "I don't know, there's nothing that really tickles my fancy in theaters right now." I'm not going to declare my major until I've had a couple years in college to see what ends up tickling my fancy.
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tickle someone's fancy

to interest someone; to make someone curious. I have an interesting problem here that I think will tickle your fancy. This doesn't tickle my fancy at all. This is dull and boring.
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tickle one's fancy

Appeal to one, be to one's liking, as in That joke tickled my fancy. This term uses fancy in the sense of "liking" or "taste." [Second half of 1700s]
See also: fancy, tickle

catch/take/tickle somebody’s ˈfancy

(informal) please or attract somebody: Mary seems afraid some other girl will catch Alan’s fancy.She saw that the picture had taken my fancy and insisted on giving it to me as a present.
See also: catch, fancy, take, tickle
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Some folk probably winced at the sight, but it tickled my fancy, especially when we got slow-motion shots of this peculiar wibbly-wobbly Wimbledon show.
Advance Australia Fair tickled my fancy even before learning it had been written by a Scotsman.
but the one that tickled my fancy was spotted by Scott Wright.
But the garden which really tickled my fancy was the Wrong Garden, designed by the man better known for his vacuum cleaners - yes, James Dyson.
Beer is one of the few alcoholic beverages that has never really tickled my fancy.
Don't have the space to name-check all 35,689 readers who suggested The Strokes (sick minds think alike, it seems) but here's a rundown of all the very best entries that tickled my fancy.