tickle (one's) fancy

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tickle (one's) fancy

To be appealing or pleasant to someone; to be intriguing or of interest to someone. A: "Do you want to go to a movie later on?" B: "I don't know, there's nothing that really tickles my fancy in theaters right now." I'm not going to declare my major until I've had a couple years in college to see what ends up tickling my fancy.
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tickle someone's fancy

to interest someone; to make someone curious. I have an interesting problem here that I think will tickle your fancy. This doesn't tickle my fancy at all. This is dull and boring.
See also: fancy, tickle

tickle one's fancy

Appeal to one, be to one's liking, as in That joke tickled my fancy. This term uses fancy in the sense of "liking" or "taste." [Second half of 1700s]
See also: fancy, tickle

catch/take/tickle somebody’s ˈfancy

(informal) please or attract somebody: Mary seems afraid some other girl will catch Alan’s fancy.She saw that the picture had taken my fancy and insisted on giving it to me as a present.
See also: catch, fancy, take, tickle
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There are 11 shades to tickle your fancy, but we've been tempted by the pillarbox red - it's sure to brighten up the dreariest of days.
B - 10 THINGS TO MAKE A NOTE OF THIS WEEK Things to pique your interest, tickle your fancy, capture your heart, and strain your brain 12 OUR COVER STAR HELEN MIRREN She's our queen of acting, isn't she?
New research planned for If those don't quite tickle your fancy, you can sample the decadent Caramel Crunch, with delicious caramel sauce topped with cream, honeycomb and chocolate pieces; or the Coffee Kreme, with a shot of fresh Arabica espresso, caramel syrup, topped with cream and chai powder.
There are 13 titles to choose from so you are bound to nd something to tickle your fancy.
IF art is your thing, two upcoming events should tickle your fancy.
And, finally, if neither of those tickle your fancy, the Floral Pavilion enters the world of fans and feathers, stockings and sultry vocals this Saturday when it hosts Britain's biggest burlesque spectacular, direct from the West End.
30pm Sadly scheduled after Vicious, the brilliantly bitchy Ian McKellen, Derek Jacobi sitcom, this can look like a bit of an anti-climax to ITV's Monday night comedy double bill, but the latest offering of Midlands-based mirth may tickle your fancy.
If that doesn't tickle your fancy, we've got lots of late getaway deals which may tempt you 14&16 TV CHOICE He brought Doctor Who back from the dead, but can Russell T Davies work his magic on new CBBC' series Wizards vs Aliens?
Whether it is a dusting of sequins, intricate beadwork, a dash of metallic colour, some frills or even a few feathers that tickle your fancy, you can transform yourself from office mouse to belle of the ball before you can say Fairy Godmother.
There's a plethora of punting opportunities and here's one bet to really tickle your fancy - back Danny Tickle.
Never mind the bollocks, Sutherland Lyall finds plenty more to tickle your fancy.
But the movie's machinations wear you out more than its jokes tickle your fancy.
If none of those games tickle your fancy, try http://ea.
As well as instructions on how to make a Gordon's Pink and Tonic which features a splash of Prosecco (listed below) there are other gin cocktails that might tickle your fancy too - including a fancy Champagne version.
If that doesn't tickle your fancy, there's always Steel Magnolias at the theatre and a raft of new games for you to try out 6&7 ON SCREEN Julia Roberts plays a wicked, scheming queen in a comedic take on the Brothers Grimm fairytale Snow White called Mirror, Mirror.