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People wanted to see these movies opening weekend and wanted to get their tickets in advance.
AF1 members can purchase a maximum of four tickets per show, from a variety of fan experience packages that include tickets, backstage tours and photo ops, pre-concert parties with prizes, and exclusive AF1 memorabilia.
The county's top administrator said efforts to find a new travel agent produced few immediate alternatives and recommended employees take steps - using advance-purchase tickets, finding cheaper rates online - to save taxpayer dollars.
The conference requires fans to pay for their tickets - a first-time occurrence at CSUN, however, that didn't discourage a steady stream of students, alumni and office assistants of alumni from buying tickets Thursday.
Collectively, Sabre Travel Network airline customers broke through the 80 percent barrier in March, meaning that now only one in five tickets issued through the Sabre GDS is paper.
The reason, he learned, was that sales of tickets over the Internet had almost instantly drained the pool of lower-priced seats.
This will allow the airline to create a copy of an electronic ticket in its departure control system, change the status of the coupon to reflect various stages of the departure control process, over-ride or change the status of e-tickets and purge used e-tickets from its system.
More tickets are available through newspaper ads and at ticket brokers that usually deal only with sporting events and music concerts.
MSEP has only 15 tickets available on a first-come, first-served basis.
At the Chinese Theatre, Lincoln Gasking, a 22-year-old from Melbourne, Australia, and Tim Doyle, 27, from Toronto, Canada, were the first to purchase tickets for the first screening at the Chinese, ending a wait that began more than a month ago.
The Las Vegas Monorail and Sprint will provide monorail passengers the ability to purchase tickets from their wireless phones.
One year, a judge tells them to stop selling Academy Awards tickets.
Continental will eliminate paper tickets entirely by the end of this year, including interline tickets.
While the raw number of total summonses issued in 2003 had actually decreased relative to the previous year as of May, anecdotal evidence suggests police are being pressured to issue tickets in an attempt to meet quotas.