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Other big advance ticket sellers were ``Shrek,'' ``Jurassic Park 3,'' ``Monsters, Inc.
The county's top administrator said efforts to find a new travel agent produced few immediate alternatives and recommended employees take steps - using advance-purchase tickets, finding cheaper rates online - to save taxpayer dollars.
The conference requires fans to pay for their tickets - a first-time occurrence at CSUN, however, that didn't discourage a steady stream of students, alumni and office assistants of alumni from buying tickets Thursday.
Despite a cashier's repeated attempts, the only tickets still available seconds after they went on sale were priced at $500 or more, well beyond Scapa's budget.
With early reviews mixed, it could have a hard time matching the final $601 million in gross ticket receipts sold domestically set by ``Titanic.
Sanchez, 20, a Granada Hills resident, was the first to walk away from the ticket window.
A Los Angeles woman who was named in a ticket broker injunction filed a cross-complaint in October, claiming a ``secret agent'' of the academy called her seeking a Governor's Ball ticket, then illegally recorded the conversation.
The very best seats always go to full season ticket holders, and Dodgers officials say there probably will be about 22,000 full season ticket holders this year.
Ambassadors and season ticket holders will have the first chance to buy, including those who are renewing/buying 2008-2009 season tickets before the FA Cup tickets go on sale.
That show, Dobkowitz says, is going to be a tough ticket to earn.
Honolulu media are reporting that a person suspected in a ticket scam involving Hawaiian Airlines transpacific tickets turned himself in to Honolulu police.