tick off

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tick someone off

to make someone angry. That really ticks me off! Doesn't that tick off everyone?
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tick off something

also tick something off
to name a list of things She ticked off six reasons for saying no. She had lots of objections, and she ticked them off one after another.
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tick somebody off

(spoken) also tick off somebody
to make someone angry It just ticks me off to think that anyone who wants to can read my e-mail. It was only a suggestion, not a criticism, and she didn't think it would tick off everyone at the meeting.
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tick off

Infuriate, make angry. For example, That article ticked me off. [Colloquial; second half of 1900s] For a vulgar synonym, see piss off.
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tick off

1. To make someone angry or annoyed: Constant delays ticked me off. The arrogant actor ticked off the director.
2. To mark some item on a list with a check or tick: The teacher ticked off each name as the roll was called. As the guests arrived, we ticked them off the list.
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Truly a once-in-a-century gift, personally delivered in time to tick off the final seconds of the millennium and the first of 2000
Now I've got to tick off the world championship," he said.
They always tick off a few fans who, after all, might have come out specifically to see the world's greatest golfer.
412 mph, just a tick off Ryan Newman's track record of 187.
Veteran left-hander Al Leiter missed at least his first start after being hit in the head by a line drive late in spring training, and two-time Gold Glove center fielder Mike Cameron had one ball tick off his glove and another roll underneath it in Wednesday's 10-8 loss to the Braves.
All Simon had to do be competitive in this race was tick off the litany of unseemly deals and charges that have emanated out of Davis' Sacramento: Oracle, Tosco, Metabolife, the California Teachers' Association, the fund-raiser Davis was forced to cancel for transportation bigwigs following his approval of a $10 billion bullet-train bond.