thumbs down to

(give a) thumbs down to somebody/something

to show disapproval of or opposition to someone or something My husband gave a big thumbs down to my idea of getting a new car.
Usage notes: often used in the form give the thumbs down (to something): Voters gave the thumbs down to building a new firehouse.
Opposite of: (give a) thumbs up to somebody/something
See also: down, thumb
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The people of Bihar gave thumbs down to his motives.
In our August issue we gave thumbs down to a Kavango judge's lenient sentencing of a former teacher who impregnated a student and reported that teenage pregnancies increase gender inequality in education.
I'm going to start giving thumbs up and thumbs down to celebrities in the news.
Despite Kyl ie's thumbs down to Walsh, she hinted she may make an X Factor comeback, saying she'd be happy to cal l show boss Simon Cowell.
In a recent USA Today survey of 218,350 teens, 83 percent gave thumbs down to uniforms.
Also, can you pull your thumbs down to your forearms?
ASSEMBLY members have given an overwhelming thumbs down to the publication of their allowance claims.
THE Tanaiste has given the thumbs down to a proposal that the Bank of Ireland and AIB should merge.
Thumbs down to Michael Eisner for giving the go-ahead on this project.
STRAIT-LACED councillors who gave the thumbs down to a sex shop have approved a male strip show in a Scottish seaside town.
Thus, for employers, waivers of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act may become the most significant health-care issue of the 104th Congress, with most giving a thumbs down to any move to allow them.
When consumers visit banking or e-commerce websites, the whitelist created by Digital Resolve's Trusted Server Technology provides information about the authenticity of a website in real time to its clients, who can use recognizable safe or unsafe symbols such as a thumbs up or thumbs down to let consumers know whether or not to proceed on a given website.
Thumbs down to Rundu Regional Magistrate William Kasitomo for not only letting former school principle, Gervasius Sheende, off the hook after impregnating a 16-year old school girl, but also returning the N$10 000 bail that was paid to him.
ROY COYLE last night gave the thumbs down to the Irish League's proposals for a new-look 12 club championship.
Although I give thumbs down to regional planning, the report suggests several things that I think should be done, things that will work.