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The media had a heyday since once again the Hmong could be thumbnailed in conveniently newsworthy ways.
Then sift through the thumbnailed animations and check out cartoons like one of Obama swimming in a pool of cash with a caption at the top that reads "Vote for me, I'm the green candidate," or the one of Jamie-Lynn Spears holding her baby who is saying, "Mom, I'm pregnant.
uk, plus thumbnailed galleries and neat features like a search facility and email notification of updates.
These realities, she argues, together with a host of Canadian critics such as Barbara Godard, Smaro Kamboureli, Arun Mukherjee, and Charles Taylor among others, may best be thumbnailed today by the question of what constitutes Canadianness.
Frank La Rue of the Centro de Accion Legal en Derechos Humanos (CALDH), thumbnailed the strategy, saying, "We must turn indifference to indignation, and indignation to action.
The Minnesota Historical Resources Database(51) has over 75,000 images, many urban, all thumbnailed and searchable.
The link promised images of "rape, torture, sex crimes, and violence shown in thumbnailed photo galleries and videos.
I thumbnailed a few rainbow sprinkles lying on the table that had been left by the people before us.
Full articles provided as threaded and thumbnailed PDFs
com - stylish alternative to the above, including loads of thumbnailed action images, and good background information on the teams, drivers and tracks.
uk) is a fresh, attractive site which offers easy access to a thumbnailed portfolio of Jacqueline's work.