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thumbnail sketch

1. A small picture that presents a smaller version of a larger image or proposed image. Before fully redesigning the layout of the office, the interior designer provided me with a thumbnail sketch of his initial plans.
2. A short description or preview. Class, each of you will need to submit a thumbnail sketch of your essay topic for my approval.
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a thumbnail sketch

a brief or small picture or description. The manager gave a thumbnail sketch of her plans. The student wrote a thumbnail sketch of his project.
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thumbnail sketch

A brief outline or cursory description, as in Let me give you a thumbnail sketch of the situation. This idiom alludes to drawing a picture no larger than a thumbnail. [Mid-1800s]
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thumbnail sketch

n. a quick and concise description. (One that could be written on someone’s thumbnail.) Let me give you a thumbnail sketch of what happened.
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Represents the first 15 to 30 seconds of a video: Not only is it important that a thumbnail represents the video in principle, but in terms of tactics a thumbnail should also represent the first 15 to 30 seconds.
If a video is structured so that the best thumbnail and title combination occurs later in the video, then either reorganize the video before uploading, or mention at the beginning of the video that the topic of the thumbnail and title will be covered later in it.
Google acknowledges that it makes a significant amount of revenue from advertising placed on its own Web site and served to other Web sites, including sites that provide thumbnail images.
The Task-Switcher shows thumbnail previews of all program windows open.
0, a Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP web browser enhancement that creates thumbnails of your favorite sites, and adds visual and text-based searching of all stored data.
The ArcSoft RAW Thumbnail Viewer[TM] is available as a free download from http://www.
The Alexa Site Thumbnail web service allows developers to customize the size and format in which Alexa's thumbnail images can be displayed in their own applications.
Digital Thumbsheet Tool allows for creation of digital thumbnails and single or batch transfer to storyboard panels for final board creation.
Our latest version supports more new formats as well as batch save, multiple thumbnail views, reformatting and customization.
We are announcing this development at PMA 2005 because Rimage systems are used in the photo industry to record digital photographic data on discs and to print thumbnail photos on the top.
The Samsung MMCmicro memory card has been designed to overcome a major hurdle in cell phone design -- achieving high performance with a low-power, removable memory card, now smaller than the size of a thumbnail.
Thumbnails: As a picture is worth more than words, each search result has a thumbnail to give a visual preview of the page.
It has six thumbnails in a row which start to change as soon as you get there.
You know those (usually) horizontal strips of thumbnails that slide left and right across the top or bottom of the screen activated by a mouse, needing a click or, worst of all, running automatically?