thumb your nose at

thumb (one's) nose at (someone or something)

1. Literally, to perform a rude gesture in which one touches their nose with their thumb in order to express contempt or a lack of respect. Did that guy really just thumb his nose at me? Do people still do that?
2. To openly display contempt or an intentional lack of respect toward someone or something. Don't thumb your nose at the boss if you want to keep your job!
See also: nose, thumb

thumb your nose at

show disdain or contempt for. Compare with cock a snook (at snook).
See also: nose, thumb

thumb your ˈnose at somebody/something

show that you have no respect for somebody/something, sometimes by making a rude sign with your thumb on the end of your nose: A photograph shows one of the crowd thumbing his nose at the speaker.
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THUMB your nose at flight surcharges by taking the coach for a two-week holiday at Lake Balaton in
Murray's disillusionment with street life contains the clear-eyed reason of someone who has been there and done that and realized that you can thumb your nose at conventional living and still contribute something to the world.
You can thumb your nose at office politics and put a little humor in the workplace with a nifty new ``Dilbert'' tie.