thumb nose at

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thumb one's nose at someone or something

1. Lit. to show a sign of derision at someone or something by placing the thumb to the side of the nose. (Often while wiggling the other fingers of the hand.) Don't thumb your nose at me unless you want a fight. Fred thumbed his nose at the car as it drove off.
2. Fig. to dismiss someone or something as worthless, verbally. Walter thumbed his nose at Fred and asked the gang to send someone else to do the job. She thumbed her nose at the whole idea.
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thumb your nose at somebody/something

to show that you do not respect someone or something Many people feel that the company is thumbing its nose at the environment by reopening the mine.
Etymology: based on the literal meaning of thumb your nose (to put your thumb to your nose as a rude sign)
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thumb your nose at something/somebody

to show that you do not respect rules, laws, or powerful people or organizations The actor, in a further attempt to thumb his nose at Hollywood, declined to accept the award.
See also: nose, thumb