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thud against someone or something

to thump against someone or something, making a dull noise on impact. The pumpkin thudded against Jerry, breaking open and messing up his clothes. The ball thudded against the wall and bounced back.
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thud into someone or something

to bump into someone or something, making a dull noise on impact. The door blew open and thudded into Marie, giving her a bump on the knee. The ball thudded into the side of the house.
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John Patton, 28, slammed his campervan door shut just as a rifle bullet thudded into it.
One said: "It was like a horror scene from a movie as the birds thudded to the ground.
After an 8-5 opening victory over Hughson's Keith Ille extended his record to 23-0, German's winning streak was thudded by Mooney (26-3).
Pam Lewis was in her garden when the fuselage panel from a Tornado thudded into the field beside her home in Lossiemouth, Moray.
Hammers thudded as the smell of fresh plaster filled what would soon be Jose Majano's master bedroom on Saturday.