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thud against someone or something

to thump against someone or something, making a dull noise on impact. The pumpkin thudded against Jerry, breaking open and messing up his clothes. The ball thudded against the wall and bounced back.
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thud into someone or something

to bump into someone or something, making a dull noise on impact. The door blew open and thudded into Marie, giving her a bump on the knee. The ball thudded into the side of the house.
See also: thud
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For its second year, along with more charity work, the rattle and Thud team want to begin offering artist promotion and putting on gigs for artists, as well as expanding recording services.
But thuds are rarely good things to hear, and the prospect looms of more gridlock and more stalled reforms.
This year's Bud Thud has quality written all over it and offers Irish clubbers the chance to turn their dancing feet up at second best.
To a soundtrack of squeaking wheelbarrows, the scrape of shovels, and the thud of falling soft, a partnership between the environmental community and thousands of young adults is getting things done across the U.
I heard the big thump and a thud and [flight engineer Aleksandr Lazutkin], who was actually anchored to the floor at that time, got a pretty big jolt," said Foale in a recent radio communication.
If the resounding thud of your head hitting the glass ceiling has become commonplace, take control.
The thud, thud, thud of the bottle flip challenge is thankfully yesterday's news, Hatchimals are so 2016, loom bands are in the dim and distant memory - Fidget Spinners are the new craze in town.
THUD Subcommittee chairperson Susan Collins and ranking member Jack Reed noted in the letters that inadequate funding for the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) and NEC improvements could jeopardise the ability of investigating rail accidents.
The stamps were audible, a dull thud, delivered in force and with purpose.
a heard scream short thud the car the He lost control of the Mondeo on a right-hand bend, left the road and mounted the pavement alex where Linda stood.
The coroner at the Cardiff inquest said: "Mr Welch heard the [bedroom] door open and close and heard a thud.
The thud as each dart embedded itself was immensely satisfying - when they hit the board, rather than the door, it was even better.
Summary: Tottenham fell to earth with a thud after their Champions League win over Inter Milan, losing 4-2 at Bolton despite a furious late rally.
Residents in nearby houses told of an enormous thud as the masonry fell.