thrust forward

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thrust something forward

to jab something forward. She thrust her jaw forward and walked into the room. Roger thrust his hand forward just in time to stop the child from crossing the street.
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His haggard face was still thrust forward, his under-jaw hanging down, and his eyes staring out before him, when the jailer put his hand upon his arm, and beckoned him away.
Thrust forward through the large apertures in his ears were two small and finely-shaped sperm whale teeth, presenting their cavities in front, stuffed with freshly-plucked leaves, and curiously wrought at the other end into strange little images and devices.
Bartley stopped and sat frowning into the fire, his shoulders thrust forward as if he were about to spring at something.
Encouraging each other to persevere, they poised the fragments of rocks, prepared the lighter missiles for immediate service, and thrust forward the barrels of the muskets with a business-like air, and a coolness, that would have done credit to men practised in warfare.
She smoothed them out, with her soft little chin thrust forward.
Sir Christopher stood a little apart, his arms folded behind his back, one heavy brown boot thrust forward, chin in as curbed, and black eyebrows lowered to shade the keen eyes.
Holmes had sprung to his feet, and I saw his dark, athletic outline at the door of the hut, his shoulders stooping, his head thrust forward, his face peering into the darkness.
Do it decent, anyhow;" and the roar of the rush drowned his words, for the rear companies thrust forward the first, still singing as they swung down the slope -
Not long afterwards Huddersfield made their first thrust forward.
But in that thrust forward we made mistakes in the defence that we should never be making," Ali admitted.
They can't swim backwards so it thrust forward through the cage with a diver inside.
He (the shark) just thrust forward and locked down, straight on to my thigh," Ison said.
Summary: Supporters of the Free Patriotic Movement came face to face with the Lebanese Army on the streets of Downtown Beirut Thursday, and thrust forward against shields and batons to try to reach the Grand Serail.
The car whose owner had been in the passenger seat was thrust forward on to a grass verge and the lorry overturned.