thrust down

thrust something down something

to jab or stab something down into something. The keeper quickly thrust the medicine down the lion's throat. The chimney sweep thrust his brush down the chimney.
See also: down, thrust

thrust something down

to jab something downward. Max thrust the knife down and speared a piece of chicken. He thrust down the fork like a spear.
See also: down, thrust
References in classic literature ?
He thrust down his long staff to Robin crying, "Lay hold of that, an your fists whirl not so much as your head
The adversary waited a while, with his shoulders still lifted, his head thrust down between them, and his keen bright eye fixed on me; then he threw out two or three more insults, which I could not understand, further than that I knew a portion of them consisted of language not used in church.
He thrust down his hand but could feel no money, but still was persuaded it must be there.
The ship began now to fill; several passengers came on board, who were embarked on no criminal account, and these had accommodations assigned them in the great cabin, and other parts of the ship, whereas we, as convicts, were thrust down below, I know not where.
Sunderland's right wing-backs, Adam Matthews and Billy Jones, are charged with supplying the attacking thrust down that side of the field, but neither are naturals at that part of the game.
Mere percentages thrust down the throats of common folk just will not do.
Offered thrust down the left as he was time and again allowed to run through unchecked, but his delivery was too often found to be wanting.
Turning into the straight, Moore and Gold Dream, trained by Osamu Hirata, were just a length ahead of the last-placed runner and it was not until well inside the final furlong that it became apparent their thrust down the outside had any chance of landing the prize.
Yes, Ant and Dec are back next month with their annual pantomime of outback fun, cram-packed with didgeridoos and kangaroo genitalia, and the joy of watching minor celebrities have cockroaches thrust down their knickers.
The way crosses are destroyed, minority religious shrines are demolished, the ghar wapsi program is conducted and bureaucratic highhandedness is displayed against minority run institutions, is an indication of the majority nationalist agenda being thrust down the throats of their 'victims.
Even though it weighs a monstrous 2420kg, its bulk is thrust down the road by a 6.
Even though it weighs a monstrous 2,420kg, its bulk is thrust down the road by a 6.
6 ALBERTO MORENO Provided thrust down the left and was sometimes Liverpool's most advanced player.
WE have been having devolution and an elected mayor for the area of Tees Valley thrust down our throats of late and how it will improve the Tees Valley.
The boy was not an accomplished kisser and my stomach churned when I saw his entire face being thrust down into the, apparently passive, teenage girl beneath him.