thrust at

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thrust something at someone or something

to stab at someone or something with something. The goat thrust its head at the dog. Ann thrust the pencil at the balloon and popped it.
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With 650,000 pounds of thrust at sea level, the RS-68 is the most powerful liquid-hydrogen fuel engine.
The key benefit of this design is that the gases push with even thrust at all altitudes.
P&WC's new PW545B engine provides 3,991 pounds of thrust at 83 degrees F, an increase of 4.
The Sulaiman fold belt along the western margin of the Indian plate does not show the presence of any exposed thrust at the mountain front.
This highly efficient form of nuclear propulsion can produce enough thrust at high efficiency (specific impulse) to dramatically reduce the time required to travel between planets.
The PW610F engine selected for the Eclipse 500 is flat rated at 900 pounds of takeoff thrust at sea level to ISA +10 degrees C with built-in growth capability and is controlled through a dual-channel FADEC.
The PW615F engine is flat rated at 1,350 pounds of takeoff thrust at sea level to ISA +10 degrees C and controlled by a dual-channel FADEC (Full Authority Digital Electronic Control), key attributes for the new Citation Mustang.