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cut and thrust

1. A fencing technique that uses both the point and edge of the blade. Look at that cut and thrust! She's doing such a great job in this match!
2. A lively debate or argument; an enthusiastic exchange of ideas. I don't mind a cut and thrust with Amy—she always has a unique perspective, even if we clash sometimes. The cut and thrust of a debate sure gives me an adrenaline rush!
See also: and, cut, thrust

thrust and parry

Fig. to enter into verbal combat [with someone]; to compete actively [with someone]. (Fig. on the sport of fencing.) I spent the entire afternoon thrusting and parrying with a committee of so-called experts in the field of insurance. I do not intend to stand here and thrust and parry with you over a simple matter like this. Let's get someone else's opinion.
See also: and, thrust

thrust out

to stick out; to stab outward; to protrude outward. A deck thrust out from the back of the house, offering a lovely view of the stream far below. As he grew angrier, his chin thrust out farther and farther.
See also: out, thrust

thrust someone or something against someone or something

to drive or shove someone or something against someone or something. The force of the crash thrust Liz against Tiffany. The crash thrust Liz against the car door.
See also: thrust

thrust someone or something aside

to push someone or something out of the way or to one side. Walter thrust Fred aside and dashed by him into the room. He thrust aside Fred and came into the room.
See also: aside, thrust

thrust someone or something away from someone or something

to push or throw someone or something away from someone or something. The guards thrust the spectators away from the path the rock star was taking. They thrust away the spectators from the star.
See also: away, thrust

thrust someone or something back

to push someone or something backward and away. Tom moved forward, but the guard thrust him back. He thrust back the door, which had closed on his foot.
See also: back, thrust

thrust someone or something through something

to drive or push someone or something through something. I thrust Larry through the open door and followed along quickly. Ann thrust the wad of papers through the opening.
See also: thrust

thrust something at someone or something

to stab at someone or something with something. The goat thrust its head at the dog. Ann thrust the pencil at the balloon and popped it.
See also: thrust

thrust something down

to jab something downward. Max thrust the knife down and speared a piece of chicken. He thrust down the fork like a spear.
See also: down, thrust

thrust something down something

to jab or stab something down into something. The keeper quickly thrust the medicine down the lion's throat. The chimney sweep thrust his brush down the chimney.
See also: down, thrust

thrust something forward

to jab something forward. She thrust her jaw forward and walked into the room. Roger thrust his hand forward just in time to stop the child from crossing the street.
See also: forward, thrust

thrust something into someone or something

 and thrust something in
to stab or run something into someone or something. The knight thrust his lance into the villain. He thrust in his knife.
See also: thrust

thrust through something

to drive or push through something forcefully. The front end of the car thrust through the side of the house. The stock clerk's knife thrust through the box, ruining the packages of noodles inside.
See also: thrust

thrust up through something

to stick or stab upward through something. The tallest of the trees thrust up through the canopy of leaves far overhead. We heard a ripping sound and saw the tent pole thrust up through the top of the tent.
See also: thrust, up

the cut and thrust of something

the different opinions expressed with enthusiasm I don't mind the cut and thrust of argument, but I prefer friendlier and more relaxed conversation.
See also: and, cut, of, thrust

the cut and thrust of something

lively discussion or activity James enjoys the cut and thrust of debating.
See also: and, cut, of, thrust

nose out of joint, have one's

Be upset or irritated, especially when displaced by someone. For example, Ever since Sheila got promoted he's had his nose out of joint. Similarly, put one's nose out of joint indicates the cause of the upset, as in The boss's praise of her assistant put Jean's nose out of joint. The earliest form of this idiom, first recorded in 1581, was thrust one's nose out of joint, with put appearing shortly thereafter. Presumably all these expressions allude to the face-distorting grimace made by one who is displeased.
See also: have, nose, of, out

thrust aside

1. To displace someone or something forcefully: The board of directors thrust the president of the company aside. The officer thrust aside the security guard.
2. To reject or refuse someone or something: My teacher thrust aside the request for an extension. The jury thrust the defendant's pleas for mercy aside.
See also: aside, thrust

thrust on

or thrust upon
To force something or someone on some unwilling or improper recipient: When they went away on vacation, they thrust all their responsibilities on us. Fame was thrust upon the reclusive author.
See also: on, thrust
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With the selection of PERT, Cessna's Longitude will benefit from a mature and proven design, as well as Aircelle's extensive expertise in developing, manufacturing and building thrust reversers for business jets," said Aircelle Chief Executive Officer Jean-Paul Alary.
Continue with the cycles of back slaps and chest thrusts until help arrives.
It will then rotate the Drill Pipe in the Breakout (CCW) direction but will not thrust in the breakout direction.
The heavy thrust launcher's lift-off thrust will be three times that of the Long March-5, China's current largest launcher," said Liang.
Hydrodynamic thrust bearings are usually annular pad bearings in which one of the moving surfaces rotates relative to the other mating surface.
In the thrust slide bearing, when an oil particle becomes trapped in the sliding space, it can, in theory, never escape due to the moving scroll's orbital motion.
It confirmed that when the autothrust system commanded an increase in thrust from both engines: "both initially responded but after about three seconds the thrust of the right engine reduced".
For those trying to conceive a 'flat-riser' stovl ground attack aircraft in the 1950s, the challenge was to install three times as much thrust as normal while retaining a useful amount of fuel and warload, and using an internal arrangement that would 'balance' about the required centre of gravity (COG).
Since its inception in 1999, Mojave-based XCOR has designed, built and tested several different rocket engines, including a 50-pound thrust liquid-oxygen/methane engine and an 1,800-pound thrust liquid oxygen/hydrocarbon engine.
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BERLIN -- Varus thrust was a "potent risk factor" for the progression of medial knee osteoarthritis in a prospective study of 222 patients.
offers a new line of Accu-Thrust[TM] Thrust Screws that allow straight-line static thrust load without transmitting torsional or radial forces on an object or work piece.
With many unit members deployed in support of Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom, the 599th Transportation Group was challenged by the 2003 annual Balikatan and Tandem Thrust training exercises.
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