throw (one's) weight around

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throw (one's) weight around

To assert oneself in a controlling, domineering, or authoritarian manner; to exercise one's position of authority, power, or influence, especially to an overbearing or excessive degree. I'm sick of Don coming into these meetings and throwing his weight around. Can't he just leave us to our own devices? You can expect the big industries to throw their weight around in order to influence the regulations.
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throw one's weight around

Fig. to attempt to boss people around; to give orders. The district manager came to our office and tried to throw his weight around, but no one paid any attention to him. Don't try to throw your weight around in this office. We know who our boss is.
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throw your weight around


throw your weight about

COMMON If someone throws their weight around or about, they behave aggressively and use their authority over other people more forcefully than they need to. Some people regarded him as a bully who was inclined to throw his weight around. As a Party boss he used to throw his weight about.
See also: around, throw, weight

throw (one's) weight around

To use power or authority, especially in an excessive or heavy-handed way.
See also: around, throw, weight
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They were really throwing their weight around, asking to be put in their own VIP area.
There have been too many instances of beefy door staff quite literally throwing their weight around and making volatile situations worse, not better.
They wanted to hear less about Americans swaggering and throwing their weight around.
They should understand our customs and courtesies before throwing their weight around," he told me.
Rather than look at themselves and amend their ways, such people start lashing out and throwing their weight around.
If the Iranians are throwing their weight around now, imagine what will happen if they go nuclear," Ross concluded.
The plight of Donadoni's side has seen football chiefs back in Italy throwing their weight around.
Such as, perhaps, jumping to conclusions (100 cal), throwing their weight around (200 cal), or wading through paperwork (300 cal)?
Stephen Allison, chairman of the Headland Residents Association, said: "We are sick and tired of certain people and organisations throwing their weight around and we will fight them all the way.
Among them will be David Kell and Daniel Beresford who will be throwing their weight around as sumo wrestlers.
It's not only the guys throwing their weight around.
In the wake of their 1995 labor dispute, and what they saw as lenient treatment of Alomar, the umpires have been throwing their weight around, which might be as dangerous as it sounds.
Two bullying bears have been given a new home in Scotland after they started throwing their weight around in their compound at a zoo down south.
The big players are throwing their weight around in the electronic commerce market right now," said Jeremy Whiteley, Web developer for Marketiers, a marketing firm in Bellevue, Washington.
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