throw money at (something)

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throw money at (something)

To try to solve a problem by spending money on it without much thought. You keep throwing money at this problem, and it still hasn't gone away. Don't you think it's time for us to come up with some new ideas? Poverty is not an issue we can solve simply by throwing money at it. We need several approaches.
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throw money at something

Fig. to try to solve a problem by indiscriminately spending money on it. This agency has thrown money at the housing problem, but it has been nothing but a long-term disaster. Don't just throw money at it.
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throw money at something/someone

COMMON If you throw money at a thing or a person, you spend a lot of money on them, often in an attempt to improve a situation and usually without considering whether other solutions would be more effective. You can't solve these problems just by throwing money at them. The government's answer to the problem has been to throw money at it. As for the top tennis players, the whole world throws money at them. Note: This expression is usually used to show disapproval.
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Would it not be nice if we could eradicate poverty in our own country before throwing money at foreign governments who use a small percentage to feed their people?
THROWING money at the NHS will not improve it, the Assembly said yesterday.
Personally, I think prices are unsustainably high and should probably be left to stagnate for a while to allow earnings to catch up, rather than just throwing money at first time buyers and their parents in a combined loan.
Prof Jones-Evans said, "It is no good throwing money at start-up ventures when statistically they have a high failure rate - around 40pc.
Instead of blindly throwing money at the industry, investors have flocked to companies that have delivered the greatest revenue and earnings growth, as well as those with the strongest pipeline of promising new products for important diseases.
Businesses are not receiving the credit necessary to function and householders are not spending, so the policy of throwing money at the banks has failed.
Our Goverment is too busy throwing money at other countries instead of concentrating on the UK.
Throwing money at transit projects is not the solution for gridlock.
Digby Jones: Throwing money at a problem never works on its own
Consciences can't be eased by throwing money at the victims.
Our LAUSD does not help me in my desire to keep saying ``yes,'' and to keep throwing money at our problems.