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throwback Thursday

A social media phenomenon in which older pictures (such as childhood photos) are posted on Thursday with the phrase (often abbreviated "TBT") as an accompanying hashtag or caption. I'm going to post my second grade class picture for throwback Thursday! Me at my senior prom! #throwbackThursday
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throw someone or something back

to return someone or something by tossing. The sailor climbed out of the water into the boat, and his mates grabbed him and threw him back. That was their idea of fun. Karen threw back the undersize fish.
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throw something back

Sl. to eat or drink something quickly. He threw a beer back and got up and left. She threw back a beer.
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throw back

1. Hinder the progress of, check, as in His illness threw his schooling back a year, or The troops were thrown back by a barrage of fire. [First half of 1800s]
2. Revert to an earlier type or stage, as in That dog throws back to his wolf ancestors. This usage gave rise to the noun throwback, a reversion to a former stage or type. [Second half of 1800s]
3. throw back on. Cause to depend on, make reliant on, as in When the violinist didn't show up, they were thrown back on the pianist. [Mid-1800s]
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throw back

1. To return something with a throw: The catcher threw the ball back. The players threw back the ball to the coach.
2. To fling something, such as a body part, backward: I threw back my head in laughter at that scene. The player threw his arm back to catch that ball.
3. To return some fish to the water after catching it: When you throw a fish back, hold it in the current until it recovers. Throw back the trout—it's too small to keep.
4. To hinder the progress of someone or something; check someone or something: The lack of money threw back the project. The storm threw the schedule back.
5. Slang To drink something, especially alcohol, in one draft by suddenly tilting: We threw back a couple of beers. The club members are at the bar throwing shots back.
6. throw back on To cause someone to depend on someone or something; make someone reliant on someone or something: The economic downturn threw us back on our own resources.
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The trust's assets are held for successive generations of beneficiaries with no estate or generation-skipping transfer tax, and the trust is now taxed in the normal fashion, free of the throwback rules.
Therefore, in order to avoid the Massachusetts throwback rule, products must be sold by a sales representative who is associated with a taxpayer's business location (i.
It looks a bit like a throwback to the previous era.
I have been a bobby for 12 years and it was a real throwback to my days in Manchester," he said.
By enacting the earned surplus throwback provision, Texas intended to tax sales to other states that would otherwise escape tax under P.
Other aspiring pros include George Bradford of Maryland, Marcus Kiel of California, Brian Herring of Arizona, Pomp Braswell (a journeyman mini-tourist sponsored by the Harlem Globetrotters), plus North Carolina's Robbie Petty and Kevin Logan, the latter a 40-year-old throwback to the black golf tour era.
The hour-long event, complete with knitted sculptures, a costumed goat, and a surprise ending, felt sloppy, fresh, and yet strangely quaint, a throwback to a rime when live performance promised to renew art with an infusion of raw, unframeable creativity.
They are sanctified by church authorities, who eventually betray them by turning their struggle and witness into pious cliche, fudging the causes of their martyrdom to such an extent that many contemporary Catholics, if they're aware of the virgin martyrs at all, consider them an embarrassment, a throwback to 19th-century piety; the less said, the better.
This provincial French ballet company's long United States tour offered two programs: a Diaghilev quadruple-header from 1906-1912 that still seems modern, and Prokofiev's Romeo and Juliet from 1938 that was a deliberate Soviet throwback to telling a story in old-fashioned detail.
Recent developments have significantly modified the Michigan nexus standard that is used for determining whether a business has sufficient contacts with the State to be subject to the SBT, and whether an in-state taxpayer's tax base can be apportioned to another State (the so-called throwback issue).
of elevation changes constructed on three distinct plateaus (a throwback to European courses), and safety aspects based on F1 specifications.
Fans Invited to Join the Journey to Supercross Leading Up to Throwback Theme for Second Race
A bearded Power, looking like a young Mick Hucknall, kept a good atmosphere through most of the gig, until one heckler too many demanded a throwback to his Cast days ( a demand which was met, mid-song, with a less than polite retort.
On any given day, you might be served a cup of joe (or tea) and a buttery, delicious scone by someone who looks like a throwback to grunge music's glory days.
In retro news, Visalia's Tom Knox will be rejoining Eric "Salad" Dressen as part of a new throwback program at Santa Cruz.