throw your weight behind

throw your weight behind somebody/something

to use your influence to support someone or something A number of top performers have thrown their weight behind a live concert to fight hunger around the world.
See also: behind, throw, weight

throw your weight behind something/somebody

to use your power and influence to support something or someone If we could persuade the chairman to throw his weight behind the plan, it would have a much better chance of success.
See pour cold water on, throw in at the deep end, have a fit, throw hat in the ring, shed light on, feed to the lions, knock for a loop, throw in lot with, sling mud at, put off the scent, send into a tizz, throw to the wolves, put a spanner in the works
See also: behind, throw, weight
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Theresa McDermott, manager of Shelter's young person housing resource centre, said: ``Come down and throw your weight behind Shelter.