throw to

throw something to someone or something

to toss something to someone or something. Throw the ball to me! Gary threw a bit of meat to the dog to quiet it.
See also: throw
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Here at Home we're big fans of adding a throw to your living room or bedroom during the colder months.
If a pitcher wants to throw to a catcher, that is fine but I found that you can get more out of the development of the pitchers by using a chart.
First baseman Darin Erstad followed Figgins' at-bat with a groundball single to right, scoring Kennedy, who just beat the right fielder Casey Blake's throw to tie the score.
On a throw to 3rd base vs a right-handed hitter, it is best to step behind the hitter on a pitch inside or down the middle.
Down to her last throw in the preliminaries after two fouls, Battle qualified for the final after she modified her spin to make a half-pivot throw to obtain a legal mark.
But Gotay, anticipating making the pivot to throw to first, was straddling the base when he received the throw.
On the coach's signal, the first man will throw to the second, who will throw to third, and so on.
While we usually throw to our best receivers, good QBs and smart coaches remember to get the ball to a variety of players.
Between the element of surprise in this steal, the throw to third base (which is not as practiced as the throw to 2B), and having the catcher forced to throw around a right handed hitter, coaches might be surprised with how effective this tactic can be.
Kazuhisa Ishii (sprained left-knee ligament) will throw another bullpen session today, and if all goes well, Ishii will throw to batters Wednesday in Houston.
After Beltre fouled out to the catcher, Ward grounded to first for what should have been a double play, but Phillies reliever Terry Adams dropped the return throw to first to allow the Dodgers to make it 4-1.
Getting the out at 1st base is the primary objective, only throw to 2nd if you're you sure can get the out.
But one seemingly routine throw to first base ruined an otherwise strong performance and resulted in a loss.
Increase the length of time you throw to perhaps five minutes a day for a few days, then increase it to six minutes and then to seven minutes, etc.