throw out

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throw somebody out

also throw out somebody
to force someone to leave At least four kids have been thrown out of school for cheating on exams. The worst part of Edsel's job is having to throw out the drunks when the bar closes.
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throw out something

also throw something out
1. to offer something Sally threw out some good ideas for discussion at the next meeting. Let me just throw this concept out to you and see if you like it.
2. to decide a legal case will not be heard The judge threw the lawsuit out because it was silly.
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throw out

1. Give off, emit, as in That flashlight throws out a powerful beam. [Mid-1700s] Also see throw off, def. 2.
2. Reject, as in We threw out her proposal. [Early 1600s]
3. Get rid of, discard; see throw away, def. 1.
4. Offer a suggestion or plan, as in The nominating committee threw out names for our consideration. [Early 1600s] Also see throw away, def. 3.
5. Forcibly eject, force the departure of, as in The bartender threw out the drunk, or He was thrown out of the country club for failing to pay his dues. [Early 1500s]
6. Put out of alignment, as in Lifting that sofa threw out my back.
7. In baseball or cricket, put a player out by throwing the ball. In baseball, the throw is to a base before the batter reaches it; in cricket, the throw must hit the batsman's wicket. [Second half of 1800s]
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throw out

1. To give something off; emit something: The searchlights threw out powerful beams. The torch threw lots of light out.
2. To reject or discard something: The committee threw out our proposal. My boss threw my ideas out.
3. To get rid of something as useless: The crew threw out the garbage. The workers threw the trash out.
4. To offer something, as a suggestion or plan: They threw out names of people they might want to invite to the party. I threw the suggestion out just to see how people would respond to it.
5. To force someone to leave a place or position, especially in an abrupt or unexpected manner; expel someone: The convicted judge was thrown out of office. The headwaiter threw the disorderly guest out. The child was thrown out of school for unruly behavior.
6. To disengage something, such as a clutch: The racecar driver threw out the clutch and stepped on the gas. The driver threw the clutch out and sped down the road.
7. To put some part of the body out of alignment: After working out, she threw her back out. He threw out his shoulder trying to lift that heavy box.
8. Baseball To cause some base runner to be tagged out by throwing the ball to the player guarding the base to which the base runner is moving: The new player threw the runner out at third base. The pitcher threw out the runner at second base.
9. Baseball To start a game by throwing some pitch: The retired coach threw out the first pitch. The celebrity threw the first pitch out to great applause.
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