throw off

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throw (someone or an animal) off (of) something

 and throw someone or an animal off
to divert or confuse someone or an animal away from something, such as the scent, track, or trail. (Of is usually retained before pronouns.) She put a little detail in her story to throw the cops off of her trail. The diversion threw off the investigation.
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throw someone or something off (of) something

 and throw someone or something off
to cast someone or something off something. (Of is usually retained before pronouns.) The character in the movie wanted to throw the heroine off a cliff. He went to the middle of the bridge and threw off the gun used in the shooting.
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throw someone off

to interrupt and confuse someone; to mislead someone. The interruption threw me off, and I lost my place in the speech. Little noises throw me off. Please try to be quiet. Your comment threw me off.
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throw something off

1. Lit. to cast something, such as a coat, off one's body. He threw his jacket off and dived into the icy water. He threw off his jacket.
2. Fig. to resist or recover from a disease. It was a bad cold, but I managed to throw it off in a few days. I can't seem to throw off my cold. I've had it for weeks.
3. Fig. to emit or give off an odor. The small animal threw a strong odor off. The flowers threw off a heavy perfume.
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throw off

1. Cast out, rid oneself of, as in He threw off all unpleasant memories and went to the reunion. [Early 1600s]
2. Give off, emit, as in The garbage was throwing off an awful smell. [First half of 1700s] Also see throw out, def. 1.
3. Also, throw or put off the scent . Distract, divert, or mislead, as in A mistaken estimate threw off her calculations, or These clues were designed to throw the detective off the scent. The variant comes from hunting, where the quarry may try to put pursuing hounds off the scent. Its figurative use dates from the mid-1800s. Also see off the track.
4. Perform in a quick, spontaneous, or casual manner, as in He threw off one sketch after another. [Mid-1700s]
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throw off

1. To hurl or fling someone or something off with great force or speed: The horse threw the cowboy off. The running back threw off the tackle.
2. To remove some clothing hastily or carelessly: I entered my apartment and threw my coat off. We threw off our jackets in the hallway.
3. To cast something out; rid oneself of something: I threw off all the unpleasant memories of my childhood. We threw our grudges off in order to move on.
4. To give something off; emit something: The exhaust pipes threw off fumes. The chimney throws soot off.
5. To distract, divert, or mislead someone or something: The scent threw off the dogs. A wrong measurement threw her estimate off.
6. To do, finish, or accomplish something in a casual or offhand way; toss something off: I threw off a quick response to the letter I'd received.
7. To stop the operation, activity, or flow of something controlled by a flip switch: After the meeting, I told them to throw off the lights. You can throw the current off the back porch with this switch.
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It could also radically affect models of how heat is produced in the planet's interior, and could throw off estimates of the planet's upper-atmospheric temperature based on stellar-occultation observations.
Once they report, they throw off a mound for about two weeks before appearing in spring-training games, then gradually build up their intensity over the next month to get ready for the season.
The failure of City Hall to keep a computer system on track may derail efforts to throw off the LAPD's consent decree burden - and make it harder for police to fight crime.
He played long toss last week and hopes to throw off a mound by the end of this week.
The shortstop took a perfect angle to the ball, backhanded it and made a strong throw off her back foot to finish off Camarillo's 1-0 victory.
Once he gets to 150 feet, he'll be able to throw off a mound at maximum effort, which will be the ultimate test.
He will throw off a mound again Sunday and figures to be ready for a rehabilitation assignment in about a week.
Making progress: After one week of light physical activities in Arizona, Donnelly has not suffered any setbacks and the Angels are hopeful he can throw off a mound by next week, keeping him on an anticipated track of returning by about mid-May.
The USC product, who has pain in his right elbow and right Achilles' tendon, might throw off a mound early this week.
Schmidt, recovering from elbow surgery, might throw off the mound for the first time next week.
But he didn't resume throwing until the weekend, and coach Chris Cota had Eveland throw off the mound Thursday in the hopes of starting Saturday.
But even if Washburn couldn't throw off a mound for a week, as originally believed, he said he would only need two weeks to build sufficient arm strength to make a start in a regular-season game.
Left-hander Jarrod Washburn, scheduled to be the Angels' opening-day starter, suffered a mild sprain of the AC joint in his throwing shoulder Monday during a fielding drill and is not expected to throw off a mound for a week to 10 days.