shed light on

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shed (some) light on something

 and throw (some) light on something
Fig. to reveal something about something; to clarify something. (Also with any.) This discussion has shed some light on the problem. Let's see if Ann can throw any light on this question.
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shed light on something

also throw light on something
to make something clearer Experts hope the plane's flight recorders will shed light on the cause of the crash. The latest study could throw light on why older people are the only ones affected.
Related vocabulary: put a spotlight on somebody/something
See also: light, on, shed

shed/throw light on something

to help people understand a situation Thank you for shedding some light on what is really a very complicated subject.
See bring to light, hide light under a bushel, see the light, trip the light fantastic
See also: light, on, shed

shed light on

Also, throw light on. Clarify or explain, as in I was hoping the professor would shed light on how he arrived at his theory, or Can anyone throw some light on where these plants came from? Originally, from about 1200, these expressions were used literally, in the sense of "illuminate," but they soon were used figuratively as well.
See also: light, on, shed