throw up

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throw something up

1. to build or erect something in a hurry. They sure threw that building up in a hurry. They threw up the building in only a few weeks.
2. to vomit something. Poor Wally threw his dinner up. He threw up his dinner.
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throw up

to vomit. I was afraid I would throw up, the food was so horrible. This food is bad enough to make you throw up.
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throw up (something)

also throw something up
to vomit The bus ride was making him feel sick, and he was afraid he was going to throw up. I fed the baby some fruit, but she threw it up.
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throw up something

to build something quickly The houses were thrown up in a matter of months and were not well built.
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throw up

1. Vomit, as in The new drug makes many patients throw up. [First half of 1700s]
2. Abandon, relinquish, as in After the results of the poll came in, she threw up her campaign for the Senate.
3. Construct hurriedly, as in The builder threw up three houses in a matter of a few months. [Late 1500s]
4. throw it up to. Criticize, upbraid, as in Dad was always throwing it up to the boys that they were careless and messy. [Early 1800s]
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throw up

1. To propel or discharge something into the air: He threw the ball up and it landed on the roof. The lawn mower threw up a rock.
2. Sports To execute some type of throw or a throw with some outcome: The quarterback threw up an interception.
3. To raise something quickly: They threw up their hands in exasperation. The color guard threw up the flag.
4. To eject some contents of the stomach by vomiting: The baby threw up her dinner. He threw the medicine up.
5. To vomit: The passenger threw up over the side of the boat.
6. To abandon something; relinquish something: She threw up her campaign for mayor. He threw the idea up because there was no support for it.
7. To construct or erect something hurriedly: The city threw the building up in under a year. The new apartment complex was thrown up in just a few months.
8. To refer to something repeatedly: She threw up his past to him whenever they argued. She wanted to forget the argument, but he kept throwing it up.
9. To project, play, or otherwise display some slide, videotape, or other recorded image: My cousin threw the tape of vacation highlights up on the screen. The teacher threw up the slides of the operation.
10. To post something: The team threw up five goals. The coach threw the results up on a bulletin board.
11. To put something forth for consideration or discussion: The accident threw up many questions. The elections threw many surprises up.
See also: throw, up