throw into the pot

throw something into the pot

if you throw an idea or a subject into the pot, you suggest it for discussion Right, I think we've had enough talk of education. Does anyone have anything else they want to throw into the pot?
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The car club was able to give assurances that there were sufficient willing volunteers in the North to help the event run smoothly, and Conwy pledged to throw into the pot, not only a financial contribution, but also the expertise of its skilled events team to that provided by the rally's organisers International Motorsport.
And you could also throw into the pot those people on Job Seekers Allowance and those not required to look for work.
There is a third, much more left-field, option, though which I'm going to throw into the pot.
Throw into the pot Mickey Rourke, as a long-haired tattoo artist, and a cameo scene featuring Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Stallone together, and you have a film that action-loving boys will adore.
Curry, meanwhile, has an extra reason to throw into the pot for the county side's transformation this season.
So there are three good options there and there are others that you could throw into the pot that could also do a good job.
Now throw into the pot the ability to recognise all these assets wherever they may be in Europe and you will you really do have a structured lending package, said Graham McGuinness.
There is another per name fee to throw into the pot, this one levied by ICANN on the new registrars.
When you throw into the pot Npower's recently announced plans for a new pounds 2bn "clean coal" power station on the estuary, it is clear that the potential for economic growth and business prosperity is of regional significance.
Throw into the pot bad financial planning, such as not noting when payments for a new kitchen or car are due to start can hit the pocket hard.
Throw into the pot the fact that they have seven players in their debut year and that there is uncontrollable euphoria sweeping the county and the task seems almost impossible.
Throw into the pot the chance for revenge for the 36-12 defeat they suffered in the 1995 finals and you have an intriguing battle.
Throw into the pot the decision yesterday by Yorkshire Forward, One Northeast and the Northwest Development Agency to join forces to lobby for more money for the North over the Midlands and the South and you have a live issue.