throw back to

throw something back to someone

1. Lit. to return something to someone by throwing. Liz threw the ball back to Kelly. She threw back the ball.
2. Fig. to return a problem to someone. I can't do anything about this. I'll throw it back to Roger. Karen threw back the problem to Roger, who had caused it.
See also: back, throw
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Drew, whose airmailed throw back to the infield on Alfonzo's sacrifice fly the previous inning had landed on the infield grass between the mound and first base and trickled until someone picked it up.
Deans tried a long throw back to his keeper Jimmy Fyfe but the ball squirmed into the net.
SNOOKER must be one of the only sports where the players call fouls on themselves - a throw back to the days when honour was the order of the day in sport.
Boro were seething after Derby's second goal stemmed from a throw-in which they were expecting the home side to throw back to keeper Mark Schwarzer.
ROADSIDE shrines with teddies and flowers are a throw back to medieval times when images rather than words were an aid to contemplation, a senior Church of England official said today.
All-Star injury report: Tony Danza, who pitched in the Hollywood Stars game Saturday, was popped in the head on an unexpected throw back to the mound and suffered a cut on the face.
The spooky-eyed image, taken by hip photographer Markus Klinko, is a throw back to Bowie's weird space character Thomas Newton in the movie The Man Who Fell To Earth.
Marichal claims Roseboro's throw back to Sandy Koufax on the mound nicked his ear.