throw away

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throw (something) away

1. To discard or dispose of something; to get rid of something. He threw away the wrapper after he finished eating the candy bar. I can't believe you threw my mother's card away!
2. To waste, misuse, or mismanage. They threw away their lead in the second half of the game with a series of foolish, avoidable mistakes. It's great that you're earning a bit of money, but don't throw it away on stuff you don't need.
3. To fail to properly use or take advantage of something. With her grades, she could have gone to the top universities in the country, but she threw it away in favor of going to New York to be an actor. The company is throwing away the goodwill of their customers with this horrible new subscription service.
4. To say or utter something casually, carelessly, or in an offhand manner. She threw away a remark that her son would be taking over the department. In its financial earnings report, the company's CEO threw the news away that they would be selling their mobile phone division.
5. In American football, to intentionally throw an incomplete pass. Realizing he was about to be tackled, the quarterback decided to throw the ball away.
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throw something away

to toss something out; to dispose of something. Should I throw this away? Don't throw away anything that might be useful.
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throw away

1. Also, throw or toss out . Dispose of, discard, as in This coat is too good to throw away, or Did you throw out the rest of the milk? or She tossed out all his old letters. [First half of 1500s]
2. Waste, fail to use, as in She's thrown away her inheritance on all kinds of foolish enterprises, or He's thrown away his chances for an engineering job. [Mid-1600s]
3. Also, throw out. Utter or perform in an offhand, seemingly careless way, as in He threw away the news that their summer cottage had been broken into, or She threw out some suggestions for changing the bylaws. [First half of 1900s]
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throw away

1. To get rid of something as useless; discard something: I threw away yesterday's newspaper. They gave us extra tickets, but we threw them away.
2. To fail to take advantage of something: They threw away a chance to make a fortune. The students had an opportunity for a great education, but they threw it away.
3. To waste or use something in a foolish way: He threw away his inheritance on poor investments. She won some money in the lottery, but she threw it away.
4. To utter or perform something in an offhand, seemingly careless way: The play's villain throws away the news that the house has burned down.
5. Sports To throw some football so that the pass is ruled incomplete: Unable to find an open receiver, the quarterback threw the ball away. The quarterback threw away the football to stop the clock.
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Also, don't eat moldy or shriveled-up peanuts and throw away the entire box of cornmeal whenever you see any mold.
Husbands who are here, are you tempted to throw away your wife like a home appliance?
Great British Waste Menu follows four of the nation's top chefs - Wales-based Matt Tebbutt, Angela Hartnett, Richard Corrigan and Simon Rimmer - as they journey deep into the heart of Britain's food waste problem, exploring how and why we throw away and reject huge quantities of perfectly edible food.
So, this year, Co-operative stores on Merseyside are urging customers not to throw away the flesh from their Halloween pumpkins, but use it up to make delicious and simple recipes for the family.
It's time we recognised the real value of the materials we throw away every day.
The campaign, which sets out to help homes cut back on the food they throw away, has reported that two million more households in the UK are making savings of pounds 164 each by eating more of the food they would previously have thrown away.
THE LEADER of the Orthodox flock in Cyprus will ask school children to throw away their history books if he feels they have been distorted, the primate warned yesterday.
It really makes you think about all the stuff you throw away and where it ends up
SHORTLY after urging families not to throw away food, Gordon Brown and world leaders enjoyed a lavish banquet at the start of the G8 summit to discuss world famine.
Staffordshire council's waste chiefs say that every year Halloween creates piles of waste as revellers throw away their capes and hats, masks and lanterns.
DUSTBIN "detectives" have discovered that people living in south Warwickshire throw away more food than their counterparts in the north of the county.
Could you make people aware that if they throw away a cigarette end they could be fined pounds 50 on the spot?
It's only when she's willing to throw away tradition that she experiences a sense of liberation.
While these batteries may be deemed safe to throw away, some critics argue that recycling is still a better alternative.
People tend to throw away alkaline batteries because an effective or easy way to capture these batteries has yet to be established, Coy says.