throw a (temper) tantrum

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throw a (temper) tantrum

To have an outburst of childish or unreasonable anger, frustration, or ill temper. I was so embarrassed when Danny started throwing a tantrum in the grocery store. You're adults, not children, and throwing a temper tantrum every time something doesn't go your way is not the way to address things.
See also: tantrum, throw

throw a tantrum

to have a temper tantrum; to put on an active display of childish temper. I never dreamed that Bob would throw a tantrum right there in the department store. You must be so embarrassed!
See also: tantrum, throw

throw a ˈtantrum

(British English also throw a ˈwobbly) (informal) suddenly become very angry and behave in an unreasonable way: When you were a child, you were always throwing tantrums.My mum would throw a wobbly if she knew what we’d been doing.
See also: tantrum, throw
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Think how a small child reacts when something doesn't go according to their expectations, they get angry and throw a temper tantrum, right?
I used to be able to reason with her but now she seems to throw a temper tantrum at just about everything.
Now when we go out he is always attached to her and if he tries to run away or throw a temper tantrum she just sits beside him waiting for him to stop.
We designed him so he can hug a cheerleader, throw a temper tantrum over a call, second-guess the referee and dance to the rhythm of the school song.