throw a glance at

throw a glance at someone or something

to take a quick peek at someone or something. Liz threw a glance at her brother to see what he was going to do. I threw a glance at my watch and got ready to go.
See also: glance, throw
References in classic literature ?
The slight person of Miss Grant, which followed next, and which was but too thinly clad for the severity of the season, formed a marked contrast to thc wild attire and uneasy glances of the Delaware chief; and more than once during their walk, the young hunter, himself no insignificant figure in the group, was led to consider the difference in the human form, as the face of Mohegan and the gentle countenance of Miss Grant, with eyes that rivalled the soft hue of the sky, met his view at the instant that each turned to throw a glance at the splendid orb which lighted their path.