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throng around someone or something

to crowd around someone or something. The children thronged around the lady with the bags of candy. Everyone thronged around the piano for the group sing.
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throng in(to something)

[for a crowd] to swarm into some place. The eager crowd thronged into the department store to partake in the advertised sale. The doors opened and they thronged in.
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throng out (of something)

[for a crowd] to swarm out of something or some place. The people thronged out of the concert hall at the end of the program. At half past ten, the crowd thronged out.
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A shopkeeper Shoukat at Tench Bhatta said a great number of shoppers were thronging the markets and the shopkeepers were having a good business nowadays.
Police witnesses were asked by prosecutor Steve Donahue to point out faces they believed they recognised among the crowds thronging the street before mounted police moved in to disperse them.
Circulation is simple and legible and the stream of visitors thronging through the exhibition areas will add to the animation of the more general public spaces.
With temperatures soaring again near triple digits and visitors thronging to Castaic Lake, officials were stressing water safety Saturday and urging boaters to wear life vests.
The union will combine leading edge technology from YBO's business-to-consumer e-commerce back-end technology with the vast resources of CPCW's media empire to stake a claim in the thronging Chinese B2B marketplace.
ISLAMABAD -- With just two days before Eidul Azha, the residents of the twin cities Islamabad and Rawalpindi can be seen thronging shopping malls and cattle markets.
ISLAMABAD -- As Eid-ul-Fitr draws nearer people were seen thronging shopping malls and markets in the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islmabad to buy clothes, footwear and other items for Eid.