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throng around someone or something

to crowd around someone or something. The children thronged around the lady with the bags of candy. Everyone thronged around the piano for the group sing.
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throng in(to something)

[for a crowd] to swarm into some place. The eager crowd thronged into the department store to partake in the advertised sale. The doors opened and they thronged in.
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throng out (of something)

[for a crowd] to swarm out of something or some place. The people thronged out of the concert hall at the end of the program. At half past ten, the crowd thronged out.
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References in classic literature ?
They writhed upon my throat; their cold lips sought my own; I was half stifled by their thronging pressure; disgust, for which the world has no name, swelled my bosom, and chilled, with a heavy clamminess, my heart.
The men behind the Russian, at least two of them, raised their rifles and fired at the charging ape-man; but those behind them were otherwise engaged--for up the monkey-ladder in their rear was thronging a hideous horde.
From Westminster through the thronging streets he was led back again to the Tower.
As a swift thought darts through the heart of a man when thronging cares haunt him, or as bright glances flash from the eye, so glorious Hermes planned both thought and deed at once.
Beyond all these do I look, as a dog looketh over the backs of thronging flocks of sheep.
His exercised eyes had made out in the confused movements of lights and shadows thronging the roadway the crawling approach of a hansom.
The room in which they used to be; the spot in which his cradle stood; he, old and elfin-like in face, but ever dear to her, gazing at her with a wild and vacant eye, and crooning some uncouth song as she sat by and rocked him; every circumstance of his infancy came thronging back, and the most trivial, perhaps, the most distinctly.
It was on the east side of the island that we went on shore one evening: and the people, who, by the way, are very numerous, came thronging about us, and stood gazing at us at a distance.
How every circumstance of her short, eventful life, came thronging into her mind, as they travelled on
A crowd of women were thronging round the door; some were sitting on the steps, others on the pavement, others were standing talking.
ISLAMABAD -- As Eid-ul-Fitr draws nearer people were seen thronging shopping malls and markets in the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islmabad to buy clothes, footwear and other items for Eid.