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throng around someone or something

to crowd around someone or something. The children thronged around the lady with the bags of candy. Everyone thronged around the piano for the group sing.
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throng in(to something)

[for a crowd] to swarm into some place. The eager crowd thronged into the department store to partake in the advertised sale. The doors opened and they thronged in.
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throng out (of something)

[for a crowd] to swarm out of something or some place. The people thronged out of the concert hall at the end of the program. At half past ten, the crowd thronged out.
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Abnormal rush was seen as number of people thronged to relax from the brunt of the high temperature.
thronged polling stations in Peshawar for casting their votes.
Despite the crowd that thronged the consulate, no untoward incident happened here," Shuaib affirmed.
The Metro stations were thronged by people wanting to get into the same coach as Kejriwal but many of them were unable to do so.
Summary: Paris: Tens of thousands of people thronged the streets of Paris to mark the city's .
New Delhi/ Allahabad, July 3 ( ANI ): Scores of devotees across India thronged various religious places on Tuesday to celebrate the Hindu festival of 'Guru Purnima' and offered prayers for the well being of their gurus or teachers.
Summary: Crowds thronged Jerusalem as tens of thousands of Muslim faithful headed for the first Friday prayers of Ramadan at the al-Aqsa mosque compound in the Old City.
Wrexham was thronged with shoppers from early morning as people made their final preparations.
A jury has viewed a videotape of football violence as crowds of fans thronged city streets.
Curiosity seekers have thronged a farm in the Philippines to wave hello to four-month-old Kambal--who has seven legs with which to wave back
hurricane victims shouted, their morale lifted by the sight of the president, who was thronged quickly by victims trying personally to beseech him for more disaster aid.
Of the 150 state parks managed by the DEM, Walden is the most popular, thronged by swimmers, fishers, boaters, and winter skiers, as well as walkers who wish to recapture the essence of Thoreau.
Some 3,000 members of the design and construction industry, chanting "jobs now" slogans, thronged City Hall Park in and urged the City Council to approve the planned development in Manhattan's Upper West Side.
Indeed, young people thronged to the sports car corners of the exhibition booths, where domestic and foreign automakers had their latest models on display.
People and students thronged the streets in all small and major towns across AJK to condemn the Tuesday's massacre in a Peshawar school by the terrorists.