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throng around someone or something

to crowd around someone or something. The children thronged around the lady with the bags of candy. Everyone thronged around the piano for the group sing.
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throng in(to something)

[for a crowd] to swarm into some place. The eager crowd thronged into the department store to partake in the advertised sale. The doors opened and they thronged in.
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throng out (of something)

[for a crowd] to swarm out of something or some place. The people thronged out of the concert hall at the end of the program. At half past ten, the crowd thronged out.
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Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh) [India], November 4 ( ANI ): Thousands of people thronged the Ganga Ghat on Saturday to celebrate Dev Deepawali with great fervour in Varanasi.
A report aired by a private news channel, a large number of people thronged to markets for searching items at every single shop reasonable rates shopkeepers has displayed items to attract customers.
New Delhi [India], Aug 16 ( ANI ): Soaked in religious fervour and festive spirit, thousands of devotees thronged in various temples across the nation on the intervening night of Tuesday and Wednesday to celebrate the birth anniversary of Lord Krishna.
While the Mumbaikars took part in the traditional 'Dahi Handi' festival with 'Govindas' showing up in full strength to perform the ritual of forming a human pyramid to reach the Dahi Handi, thousands thronged the ISKCON temple in New Delhi to celebrate the auspicious occasion.
An official of PTDC said,'During current season people thronged to number of northern areas with their family and children due to their children summer vacations, PTDC motels recieved record breaking booking orders.
Visitors, mostly families, thronged popular spots such as Lake View Park, Shakarparian, Marghazar Zoo, Daman-e-Koh, Jasmine Garden, Japanese Children Park, among other places.
The complex has been thronged with curious and fascinated onlookers, who got the first opportunity to peer inside Gaddafi's home and take photographs ever since Gaddafi and his son Seif al Islam have fled from the country.
Winters first downpour breaks dry spell, residents thronged to Margalla hills ISLAMABAD: The first downpour of winter season has broken dry spell while the residents of federal capital have started to thronged on Margalla hills as fog engulfed the Margalla hills.
Chandigarh, Feb 28 (ANI): Scores of tourists and locals thronged the 38th edition of the three-day annual Rose Festival at Chandigarh.
In New Delhi,thousands of prospective customers of Nano thronged the Tata showrooms.
Summary: Hundreds of models on Thursday thronged the auditions of upcoming fashion extravaganza Delhi, Fashion Week-2009.
Summary: People thronged a consumer fair on its last day in Agartala to shop for the latest goods from clothes to furniture.