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be in the throes of

To suffer from or struggle with something. I'm sorry I never called you back, I've been in the throes of illness for days. After being in the throes of decline for months, the economy is finally starting to recover.
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in the throes of (something)

Suffering from or struggling with something. I'm sorry I never called you back—I've been in the throes of illness for days. They exhibit all the signs of a company in the throes of decline.
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in the throes

In the midst of, especially of a difficult struggle. For example, The country was in the throes of economic collapse, or We were in the throes of giving a formal dinner when my in-laws arrived. The noun throe, meaning "a severe pang or spasm of pain," was at first used mainly for such physical events as childbirth or dying. Today it is used both seriously (first example) and more lightly (second example). [Mid-1800s]
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in the throes of something

COMMON If you are in the throes of doing or experiencing something, especially something difficult, you are busy doing it or are deeply involved in it. The boy's parents are in the throes of moving house and it seems they completely forgot about the arrangement. The stock market is in the throes of its worst ever crisis.
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in the throes of something/doing something

doing a difficult task; experiencing a difficult period or event: The movie’s about a country in the throes of change.He’s in the throes of divorce at the moment.
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United States], June 15 ( ANI ): The Gulf region may be in throes of a major diplomatic crisis, with several countries cutting off ties with Qatar owing to its reported support for terror-related intiatives, but this has not stopped Doha from arriving at an agreement with the United States to buy 12 billion dollars worth of F-15 fighters.
Bands taKing part in the live gig are Tara and the Wolves, MurKy Water and The Final Throes.
Ronan and Storm are clearly in the first throes of love SOURCE IN OZ
This planet who once gave us breath, now is in her throes Of death.
We're in the throes of doing something but nothing has been finalised.
The boy sits beside his self-absorbed mother, a woman who is in the throes of making a life decision which will have extreme--and negative--consequences for the rest of the boy's life.
That Dench's character is a lesbian in the throes of a powerful crush is something that is slowly revealed over the course of the film--and is, indeed, left out of the press materials altogether.
The Satellite Airline Terminal, in the throes of seeking a new location, is also being represented by Studley, namely William Montana, managing director.
In the early 1930s, when America was deep in the throes of one of the worst economic depressions in this country's history, some American leaders seemed willing to put the idea of representative democracy on hold until the economic disaster had been overcome.
Like the rest of the press, pro-war media outlets spend more time on battle deaths, terror attacks, and an insurgency whose death throes are entering a third year with no end in sight.
People brought to a hospital in the throes of a heart attack are more likely to survive if they receive a statin drug, a new study finds.
The project was in the throes of foreclosure under the ownership of its developer: Downtown Riverview Ltd.
Her eight-year-old son picked the lock on the bathroom door and witnessed his mother in the throes of death while his stepfather sat on the toilet watching.
As though rehearsing for death, the mature artist plays his last hand--first, resistance (the extended arm and outstretched finger), then the blank stare and the throes of rigor mortis.