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be on the threshold of (something)

To be about to do something; to be about to happen. I can't believe that my little girl is actually on the threshold of marriage. I'm confident that our team is on the threshold of a major scientific breakthrough.
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on the threshold of (something)

About or likely to happen or do something soon. With the majority of votes having been counted, the candidate is on the threshold of becoming the youngest president in history. We're on the threshold of a major breakthrough in cancer research.
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be on the ˈthreshold of something

(formal) be at an important moment when something begins, changes or develops: The country seemed to be on the threshold of war.Now, on the threshold of a new career, he seems confident and happy.
The threshold is the floor or ground at the bottom of a doorway, considered as the entrance to a building or room.
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The PCC said it will continue conducting regular monitoring of the MandA notifications and will revisit the threshold level periodically to make sure it is responsive to changes in the markets and the economy.
The FTC also announced the revised dollar thresholds applicable to the size criteria applied under Section 8 of the Clayton Act, governing the legality of interlocking directorates.
But the Association of American Physicians & Surgeons suggested the volume threshold didn't go far enough.
The food threshold is not proportional to household size either.
The soft threshold function is to select the specified threshold value of the decomposition coefficient to zero.
By the way, the displaced threshold should not be confused with a demarcation bar, which is a thin (3-foot-wide) yellow stripe marking "a blast pad, stopway or taxiway that precedes the runway.
The modified threshold function in the curvelet domain proposed in this work will overcome the limitations of the hard, soft threshold function and also the wavelet transform.
Oran stated that he had requested both the removal of the threshold and an order that a decision on that removal take effect immediately, as the issue is about the violation of a right.
No significant differences were observed between the Threshold IMT device-in-reverse pressures to those that were measured directly.
A dog who is over threshold is reacting rather than thinking; he is in a fight, flight, freeze, or fool-around state.
Stacia Andersen, Target's senior vice president of merchandising for home, said, "The fundamental basis of Threshold will be quality and design.
USDA-ARS scientists developed their own technique to determine threshold values of compounds important for orange juice flavor, using a deodorized orange juice matrix as the dilutant.
Threshold launched in January on the FilmOn IPTV service as a live streaming network across multiple platforms including TV, PC, as well as Android and Apple handheld devices.
University of New Hampshire associate professor of kinesiology Timothy Quinn and his former graduate student Benjamin Coons set out to learn just how good this test, gaining in popularity over the past decade, is, and how it compared to two other laboratory-tested measures of intensity, the lactate threshold and the ventilatory threshold.