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be on the threshold of (something)

To be about to do something; to be about to happen. I can't believe that my little girl is actually on the threshold of marriage. I'm confident that our team is on the threshold of a major scientific breakthrough.
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on the threshold of (something)

About or likely to happen or do something soon. With the majority of votes having been counted, the candidate is on the threshold of becoming the youngest president in US history. We're on the threshold of a major breakthrough in cancer research.
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be on the ˈthreshold of something

(formal) be at an important moment when something begins, changes or develops: The country seemed to be on the threshold of war.Now, on the threshold of a new career, he seems confident and happy.
The threshold is the floor or ground at the bottom of a doorway, considered as the entrance to a building or room.
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References in classic literature ?
The swineherd went back when he heard this, and Penelope said as she saw him cross the threshold, "Why do you not bring him here, Eumaeus?
The martial shape again drew the cloak about his, features and passed on; but reaching the threshold, with his back towards the spectators, he was seen to stamp his foot and shake his clinched hands in the air.
Hiram had mistaken the mild but determined air of Natty for submission, and had already put his foot on the threshold to enter, when he was seized unexpectedly by his shoulders, and hurled over the little bank toward the lake, to the distance of twenty feet.
Upon the threshold he took her cold fingers into his hand and kissed them reverently.
Instead he turned and, looking about his feet in front of the threshold, uttered an exclamation of surprise.
No sooner had they crossed the threshold than they were seen by the awed observers outside to be acting in the most unaccountable way.
They were both too late; before they could reach him Matthew had fallen across the threshold.
Two days afterwards they carried Matthew Cuthbert over his homestead threshold and away from the fields he had tilled and the orchards he had loved and the trees he had planted; and then Avonlea settled back to its usual placidity and even at Green Gables affairs slipped into their old groove and work was done and duties fulfilled with regularity as before, although always with the aching sense of "loss in all familiar things.
In front of it the son of Iapetus (22) stands immovably upholding the wide heaven upon his head and unwearying hands, where Night and Day draw near and greet one another as they pass the great threshold of bronze: and while the one is about to go down into the house, the other comes out at the door.
And there are shining gates and an immoveable threshold of bronze having unending roots and it is grown of itself (25).
the threshold is of `native' metal, and not artificial.
Welcome home," he whispered, and hand in hand they stepped over the threshold of their house of dreams.
On crossing the threshold of The Yellow Room he was as well posted as I was.
In a moment or two Doctor Sarson appeared on the threshold.
On the trail that thou must tread To the thresholds of our dread, Where the Flower blossoms red; Through the nights when thou shalt lie Prisoned from our Mother-sky, Hearing us, thy loves, go by; In the dawns when thou shalt wake To the toil thou canst not break, Heartsick for the Jungle's sake: Wood and Water, Wind and Tree, Wisdom, Strength, and Courtesy, Jungle-Favour go with thee!