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be on the threshold of (something)

To be about to do something; to be about to happen. I can't believe that my little girl is actually on the threshold of marriage. I'm confident that our team is on the threshold of a major scientific breakthrough.
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on the threshold of (something)

About or likely to happen or do something soon. With the majority of votes having been counted, the candidate is on the threshold of becoming the youngest president in history. We're on the threshold of a major breakthrough in cancer research.
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be on the ˈthreshold of something

(formal) be at an important moment when something begins, changes or develops: The country seemed to be on the threshold of war.Now, on the threshold of a new career, he seems confident and happy.
The threshold is the floor or ground at the bottom of a doorway, considered as the entrance to a building or room.
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The agency received comments that its threshold was too low and that it could mean additional delays for companies engaged in MandA transactions while, at the same,'overburdening'the competition agency.
6 million will be reportable regardless of whether the size-of-person threshold is met (unless an exemption applies).
The expanded threshold proposal drew praise from the American Medical Association for exempting many small and rural practices from the requirements, but they also called on the agency to move more quickly in notifying physicians if they fall into the exempt category.
The studies and applications of real-time processing misfire threshold determination methods, however, fall far behind the development of misfire detection methods.
The SRP threshold has slightly higher arithmetic mean (i.
Whether wavelet threshold denoising method is good or bad depends on two decisive factors.
We'll get into what defines the displaced threshold and the rules that go with it, but the essential nugget here is that it marks where the runway actually begins for landing purposes.
The soft threshold function used in wavelet domain to filter out noise coefficients by Donoho and Johnstone (1995).
According to Oran, the election threshold is one of the reasons for today's distorted political system, which causes millions of votes below the threshold to go to waste.
A plastic adjustable attachment for the reverse use of the Threshold IMT device was constructed for the study.
Microsoft is expected to release the new OS with some of its features for Windows 9 or most call it Windows Threshold on a big event that will be held on September 30.
Stacia Andersen, Target's senior vice president of merchandising for home, said, "The fundamental basis of Threshold will be quality and design.
But the drawback to this approach is that most published threshold values use water as the dilutant of the compound.
com)-- On Sunday, the popular Threshold Network announced the debut of a new commercial-free on-demand Roku channel app featuring it's monthly programming.