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thrash around

to move about restlessly or violently. Settle down and stop thrashing around. Timmy thrashed around all night when he had the high fever.
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thrash something out

Fig. to discuss something thoroughly and solve any problems. The committee took hours to thrash the whole matter out. John and Anne thrashed out the reasons for their constant disagreements.
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thrash something out of someone

Lit. to beat something out of someone. The sheriff really wanted to thrash the truth out of Tex, but that is illegal. Max wanted to know where the money was hidden and he tried to thrash it out of Lefty.
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thrash about

Also, thrash around. Move wildly or violently, as in He thrashed about all night, unable to sleep, or The fish thrashed around on the dock, so Meg threw it back in the water. [Mid-1800s]
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thrash out

Discuss fully, especially to resolve a problem, as in We'll just have to thrash out our ideas about where to go on vacation. [Late 1800s]
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thrash out

1. To discuss or examine something fully: The committee thrashed out the new budget. The politician thrashed the issue out with her advisers.
2. To come to some agreement or solution through intense debate: The two sides finally thrashed out a compromise. The defense thrashed a deal out with the prosecution.
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thrash on someone

in. to scold, criticize, or berate someone. She’s always thrashing on her roommate.
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DANGEROUS Seal thrashing about, left, and being freed after a towel was placed over its head
Sunny Rhyl also go up after thrashing Llandudno B 12-2.
In Midlands One West Sutton Cold-field marched on with a 56-3 thrashing of Bedworth at Walmley Road.
The Thrashing House has a guide price of pounds 445,000 and is being sold by Nock Deighton.
Paddy Keenan and Mike Hilditch earned Athletic Quarry Green a 2-1 win against Spofforth, while St Marks' 7-1 thrashing of The Empress included a Kevin Hoskinson treble and a Kevin Col-far brace.
On approaching a bush at the top of Freehold Street something was thrashing thrashing about, at first I thought it was a cat but it was a young sparrowhawk caught up in some discarded fishing line.
Deputies found the man screaming and thrashing around in the hotel's public area.
SRM tools can help reduce or eliminate unnecessary HSM activity by tracking activity and thrashing and by tying the data sets to the DFSMS constructs.
A steam-driven tractor is used to run a thrashing machine in this undated photograph.
WEXFORD hurling star Paul Codd believes their Tipperary thrashing last weekend can be a launchpad to league success.
Vow: Whenever I meet people who are thrashing about in gloom and doom, I vow to hold up the banner of hope.
GOVILON stayed top of Division One with a 9-0 thrashing of Gilwern.
Forres Mechanics made the semi-finals on goal difference after thrashing Nairn County 5-2.
DASKA -- After torturing and thrashing the Daska TMO and taking him hostage at his office TMA staffers strike against lawyers continued for the sixth consecutive day.
in New Delhi THE Delhi Police has registered a case against a woman and four miscreants for allegedly thrashing school children and teachers in north- east Delhi on Wednesday.