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thrash around

to move about restlessly or violently. Settle down and stop thrashing around. Timmy thrashed around all night when he had the high fever.
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thrash something out

Fig. to discuss something thoroughly and solve any problems. The committee took hours to thrash the whole matter out. John and Anne thrashed out the reasons for their constant disagreements.
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thrash something out of someone

Lit. to beat something out of someone. The sheriff really wanted to thrash the truth out of Tex, but that is illegal. Max wanted to know where the money was hidden and he tried to thrash it out of Lefty.
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thrash about

Also, thrash around. Move wildly or violently, as in He thrashed about all night, unable to sleep, or The fish thrashed around on the dock, so Meg threw it back in the water. [Mid-1800s]
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thrash out

Discuss fully, especially to resolve a problem, as in We'll just have to thrash out our ideas about where to go on vacation. [Late 1800s]
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thrash out

1. To discuss or examine something fully: The committee thrashed out the new budget. The politician thrashed the issue out with her advisers.
2. To come to some agreement or solution through intense debate: The two sides finally thrashed out a compromise. The defense thrashed a deal out with the prosecution.
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thrash on someone

in. to scold, criticize, or berate someone. She’s always thrashing on her roommate.
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Thrash told Arkansas Business the food companies make that allegation "as opposed to explaining why they misbranded the product, and why 1 they say there's no artificial flavoring when there is.
THRASH MERCHANTS: Evile, from left, Joel Graham, Matt Drake, Ben Carter and Ol Drake are ready to destroy the Download Festival tomorrow
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Thrash refused to stop the breakfasts, but agreed that any official support would be unconstitutional.
Attendees may chose from a series of breakout sessions/panels, including the breakfast and lunch presentations featuring Thrash and Taaffe, respectively.
The flower girls were Emma Leanne Thrash, cousin of the bride, and Sarah Linley Crider, goddaughter of the bride.
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JOB (Kazim Cole 3) hit top form to thrash Athletic Quarry Green 10-1.
Our chemistry holds us together,'' he continued, lamenting the demise of other thrash bands that started about the same time they did.
HAIL TO THE TRADITION of beer-soaked, bloody thrash.
The three unions will thrash out the formula for the second season of an extended Celtic League and the future of the Welsh-Scottish League.
Lee Thrash, III Chief Financial Officer (770) 948-3101 MAKE YOUR OPINION COUNT - Click Here http://tbutton.
Veron's agent Gustavo Mascardi and Israeli middleman Pini Zahavi met United chief executive Peter Kenyon on Friday to thrash out the deal.
Are all the insurance regulators in the United States wrong and Tom Thrash and his out-of-state-plaintiff lawyer comrades right; or are Thrash et al just trying to hang on to their huge share of $1.