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Sanctimonious; maintaining an obnoxious air of moral superiority or condescension. (Usually used before a noun, especially "attitude.") While he makes good points, his holier-than-thou attitude is not likely to win him many allies.

a thou

A slang term for one thousand. It is pronounced like the beginning of the word "thousand," not like the archaic pronoun "thou." I could make a thou on that job easily, and then we wouldn't have to worry about money for awhile.
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take (something) down a thousand

To be less intense, serious, or extreme, as in some emotion, behavior, or action. Usually said as an imperative. I know my perfectionism can be a real problem sometimes, so I've been trying to take it down a thousand recently. I know everyone is excited to see what the machine is capable of, but we all need to take it down a thousand before someone get hurt. Take it down a thousand, Bob—there's really no need to get so upset about this.
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If you describe someone as holier-than-thou, you mean that they seem to believe that they have better moral qualities than anyone else. He has always sounded holier-than-thou. I'm not going to be all holier-than-thou about this.

holier than thou

characterized by an attitude of self-conscious virtue and piety.
This phrase comes from Isaiah 65:5: ‘Stand by thyself, come not near to me; for I am holier than thou’.
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mod. superior in piety; condescending. She has such a holier-than-thou attitude.

Take it down a thou(sand)!

in. Cool down!; Calm down!; Quiet down! You are wild! Take it down a thou and let’s try again to talk this out.
See also: down, take

Take it down a thou!

See also: down, take


n. one thousand. I managed to get a couple of thou from the bank, but I need a little more than that.
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Thou shalt not bore the pants off others by discussing ad nauseum the merits and demerits of the features on their mobile phones.
Thou shalt not enter elevator mid conversation on a mobile phone and then annoy other users by continuing to gab as the lift moves up.
Thou shalt not ask other people for their mobiles to make urgent calls, please, just a sec.
Area de accion, actividad y uso de habitat del zorro patas negras, Cerdocyon thous, en un Bosque seco.
Dieta de graxaim-do-mato, Cerdocyon thous (Linnaeus) (Carnivora, Canidae), em uma regiao suburbana do sul do Brasil.
Sylvilagus, Dasyprocta, Dasypus, Mazama) que han sido reportadas dentro de la dieta de Cerdocyon thous, Puma yagouaroundi y Leopardus pardalis.
thous y se registraron huellas de cria asociadas a huellas de adulto en los arbustales de Japon y Mesa Baja.
thous fue la unica especie que se registro en el arbustal, y en el bosque todas las especies mostraron muy poco uso de esta cobertura.
Cobertura Especie Agua Bosque Mesa Baja Cerdocyon thous 231.
thous foi a especie mais importante no ambiente, com evidente selecao por este tipo de habitat.
thous, como a area de uso e uso de habitat no Cerrado da regiao central do Estado do Tocantins.
thous foi usada a tecnica de telemetria VHF, em frequencia entre 150 e 152 MHz (Telemetry Eletronics Consultants, EUA).
thous estiveram com maior frequencia em ambientes de Cerrado sensu latu e strictu sensu, mesmo que, de forma diferenciada, outras partes da paisagem tenham sido utilizadas (mata ciliar e area umida) (Tabela 1).
thous pode se constituir de dois a cinco individuos adultos.
thous existe a utilizacao mais intensa de um espaco (area centro) que na media tambem foi de 40%, como o encontrado por Kaufmann (1962).