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Then there is what makes the character of the thought as contrasted with other thoughts; this is the content.
And will you tell them all that I have thought of them every day, and that my heart is faithful to them everywhere?
And the thought struck her how untruly it was said that the curse laid on woman was that in sorrow she should bring forth children.
So long as Colin shut himself up in his room and thought only of his fears and weakness and his detestation of people who looked at him and reflected hourly on humps and early death, he was a hysterical half-crazy little hypochondriac who knew nothing of the sunshine and the spring and also did not know that he could get well and could stand upon his feet if he tried to do it.
Especially did the Queen's class gird up their loins for the fray, for at the end of the coming year, dimly shadowing their pathway already, loomed up that fateful thing known as "the Entrance," at the thought of which one and all felt their hearts sink into their very shoes.
But I've thought of one--I won't do things to spite people.
White, the banker's wife, thought him schol- arly and refined.
Whatever any mind doth or saith is after a law; and this native law remains over it after it has come to reflection or conscious thought.
I thought it could hardly have failed to strike them that there was something incongruous in him.
I never said it was," she retorted with spirit, "I never thought for a moment that it was.
I am so surprised, Philip; I had not thought of it.
No," he said; "I never have thought, I never can think, unjustly or unworthily of you.
Mary was his favorite child, and whatever Susan might say, and right as she was on all other subjects, Caleb thought it natural that Fred or any one else should think Mary more lovable than other girls.
She thought only of one thing, her sorrow, which, after the break caused by cares for the present, seemed already to belong to the past.
It's something very like learning geography,' thought Alice, as she stood on tiptoe in hopes of being able to see a little further.