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oh dark thirty

In military time, a non-specific time in the early morning, before the sun rises. Why on earth are we meeting at oh dark thirty? That's too early to do anything besides sleep!
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1. adjective Of an unspecified age in one's thirties. He looks like he's in his 50s, but he's really just thirty-something.
2. noun A person who is in their thirties. Usually used in the plural. With so many college students in this town, it's nice to find a place that's geared more for thirty-somethings.

thirty-something (or forty-something, etc.)

an unspecified age between thirty and forty (forty and fifty, etc.). informal
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Judson Memorial Church on New York City's Washington Square Park stood as a hothouse for avant-garde dance that, when it referred to political events, looked nothing like its thirties predecessor.
Mark Morris, in dances which veered from the whimsical to the passionate, allowed that petit men could dance on pointe in The Hard Nut (1991) and that solid women, whose strength echoed that of those thirties dancers, could lift men.
For Anna Halprin, who had trained with the choreographers of the thirties, dance was not about performance but about ritual.
Unlike the last two eras of concern for poverty - the thirties and the sixties - the middle and upper middle classes don't know poor people.
How, in the thirties and early forties, did FDR rally support for his social legislation?
Today, however, towns and neighborhoods and suburbs are decisively isolated not only by race (this was of course true in the thirties and forties) but by income as well.